Hello, hello

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty damned good. Sunny and brisk. Walks with the Kiddo. Quiet. And not one baseball game. I’m so over this season. I know some of you will be relieved that I have nothing more to say about baseball.

Saw The Departed. Liked it. It’s complicated and thought provoking. I’ll elaborate on it tomorrow. I’m still processing some of it.

What I’m really panting to see is Marie Antoinette. With Pentyne. I’m in need of something like this now. I’m not even much of a costume drama fan. I’ve just missed Sofia Coppolla. Her films go where I live….these quiet, ethereal, dreamy, interiorally introspective, and decidedly feminine lives. I love the intimacy. So much more breathing room than some of the more epic films out there. And the bonus is….it’s French. Only recently have I sort become curious about my family’s French roots on my father’s side. He himself held that side in a sort of disdainful disregard, preferring to emphasize his German ancestry. But in looks and sensibilities, my sibs and I reflect the French of Alsace-Lorraine, where his ancestors harkened from,  quite well, I think. So I’ve decided I want to go someday, when the Kiddo can appreciate and remember it. Not for the touristy stuff. Not even for the art. I just want to hang out in the cafes, eat pastry, and haunt the French flea markets in search of pretty-pretties. And take a little segue into Wine Country, of course.

Speaking of libations….not that I’m in the hooch making business, but this lemoncello recipe looks good…I’m going to try it. Lemons are divine.


1 Response to “Hello, hello”

  1. 1 Bets October 25, 2006 at 2:11 am

    Boy, do I have a photo for you. I will send it if I can ever unearth it… one of my fav pics from a trip to Paris… from the flea market at le Porte de Clignancourt.


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