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true story

While shopping for suitable replacements for the Sacred, Holey Black Pants in the boy’s section at Kohl’s, the kiddo marched up to a headless, juvenile male mannequin, shook its hand, and ran back chirping, “There’s someone I can marry!”


got a rock?

Has it really been a month since my last post? I’msuch a slacker! For real. I’ve been on vacation. In the Adirondacks, my favorite place in the whole world. Oh, I needed it. So much fun. Kayaking. Fishing. Skinny dipping. Naps in a log cabin with a screened in porch. Listening to a lone owl on the hammock at night.  Finally, I found a Great Lakes Reisling to sample (German Reisling still rules, alas.) And, I found a red wine I’d enjoyed back in college, Eye of the Bee, which I’d splurge on when I could afford more than the usual Gallo jug stuff. It’s a light red with a touch of honey. Goes down warm.   Heaven.

My kiddo delighted and tortured her captive audience with repeated screenings of Coraline (Button Eyes!). And kept her poor Auntie Pentyne up until 4:30 A.M. the first night of camp. Hah! Days later, while we sat and soaked up the warmth of a late night campfire, my little imp spied a star and chose it to wish upon. (For a Nintendo DS, no doubt). As the star did not grant her wish promptly for her,  (and likely never will…), she resorted to threats and demands:

“You’d better grant my wish now, do you hear me, Wishing Star? Now!”


“I mean it! Now! I want my wish now!….or….I’ll throw a ROCK at you”

:further pause:

“Hear that, Wishing Star? Do you? Do you?”

:pregnant silence:
“Hey…anybody got a rock?”

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