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I like these too…

some artwork I’ve been admiring:

Heinrich Toh’s mixed media work is rich in imagery, pattern and color.

Flora Bowley’s paintings and mixed media.

Anahata  Katkin’s Inspiration Engine blog and work.

and yesterday I made this Indian Kheer pudding, which is a dessert, but I like it for breakfast. If you like rice pudding and chai tea, you will like this. I substituted honey for the sugar, almond extract and vanilla for the rose water,  and brown rice for basmati.  It was delicious.


ok, I’ve succumbed…

to Amy Winehouse mania. I love this song:

and this one too…

walk on…

It’s warming up again around here. The kiddo and I have been doing a lot of walking, examining the drain system on the streets and hanging out on corner wood stumps. Our favorite walking path, the one where she stops and sets up a faux campfire along the way, is still too muddy for investigation.

She’s quite a walker, capable of two miles on foot, though she’ll consent to the stroller when we go on further treks into the town’s center for hot chocolate and a cookie. I love the scents in the air now. Earth. Rain. Pine. Did you know that when the pine scent is strong in the spring, that means the sap is running in the maple taps? Babci passed that along Sunday on our walk around the neighborhood. I think it was their first stroll around here.

Our library was closed for two weeks while they moved into a new, though temporary, location. Since I’ve had the kiddo, my reading has been mostly episodic. It’s difficult to follow a novel with so many interruptions. Poetry and essays fit the situation perfectly. Right now I’m reading Thoreau’s personal journals and a collection of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. I’ve kind of avoided her for kind of stupid reasons. I just can’t stomach anything from that age. I read it, and I feel a sneeze coming on. Stifled. But there are things about Emily’s poetry, mostly the form, that I like… the spare simplicity, the spirituality and connection to nature and its processes. But, um, so far, I’m most struck by how much attention she pays to death. I don’t know what to make of it, honestly. I’ve not gotten very far though. I’ll be patient.

One book that’s escaped me that’s on my list is A Walk in The Woods: Rediscovering American on the Appalachian Trail, by Bill Bryson. I’m terribly curious about the trail after reading one person’s account of it in a short essay. It’s not something I think I’ll do, at least, not the entire trail; not with the kiddo in my life. But I think there is something about walking or biking, being outside and not in a moving box, that connects us powerfully to our environment. Sometimes sight is overrated. I haven’t owned a car since 1989, though I do drive now that I have the kiddo when I need to. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in places where I didn’t need a car. To get to work, I simply walked, or, as was the case when I worked at Yankee Candle, some 9 miles away from where I lived at the time, I biked. It gave me some quiet time, and the roads were generally quiet. I loved the very early morning especially, when I got out of work and had the chance to note the sun rising. To see the sun is one thing, to feel its warmth building on its way to morning is another. I think the line in the movie Crash about cars isolating us had a point.

I found this cool collection of photography at Gutter Envy via Art for Housewives. These are beautiful and sad still lifes of detritus along city streets. It really struck a cord for me…one of my preoccupations while living in Manhattan was, um, trash. I couldn’t walk down the street without heaving, it affected me so. Anyway, check ’em out.

just checking in…

I have so many things I want to talk about but little time right now. There’s tents and faux-campfires to build and enjoy with the kiddo, spring cleaning, and some other projects.

But there’s my disappointment with the reaction to Gore’s testimony on Capitol Hill…what’s up with that? Is there a Republican plan/response to the global warming issue besides obstinence? Or do they want to cob major points from the Dem’s, implement them, and swipe credit for saving the world? I’m tired of the games. I’m admittedly not as politically tuned in as I would like, but this issue is NOT something that comes with a do-0ver, it’s not something to be screwed up.

Ok, I am calm again. Really. I am working on some bird assemblage art that I promise to share with you in the coming days as WIPS (works in progress). For now I will leave you to admire the work of artist Lauri Faggioni’s soft sculptures, which include, yes, birds and other creatures. Lovely work.

mom my ride

I’ve been guilty of some of this stuff…but I try to be meticulous with the floors….just another excuse to drag the trusty Dyson out….still in love with it.

j’aime fifi



have you seen her yet? Fifi is a sweet, fashionable bunny, an haress and an only child. Like other haresses with time on their hands, Fifi Lapin models. I like the monkey love number she has on here.

I must share…

two foodie blogs I’ve discovered recently: the fabulous and hilarious Bake and Shake, and uber yummy  Farmgirl Fare.

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