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it’ll be strange to watch one of my all time favorite movies, Kill Bill 2, now that David Carradine is really gone. I have his tai chi workout video, too. I’d read that Warren Beatty was considered first for the part of Bill, but nixed the opportunity. I thought David was perfect. Slow, quiet; a bit understated.  Exacting. Spiritual, but with a dark, venomous side. Eastern zen, but with a smidgen of a Western cowboy’s reckoning. Spooky. He really sold the part. Hate to see him go the way he did.


I couldn’t do this to someone I love…

But I haven’t heard of this actually happening before. I think the sex workers might consider it though.  If they pay taxes. Money talks and all that.


There are so many things wrong with the events of  this story. I have not felt this angry about a news article in a long time. That poor family. Unbelievable.

the beef recall

the same company whose product has been recalled massively is also under investigation for animal cruelty. Warning: Graphic video content.

So disturbing.

on twinkies and carrots

and the intricacies and failings of certain piece of legislation called the farm bill. Read it and you’ll know why high calorie, processed junk food (loaded with subsidized cheap corn products like high fructose corn syrup and other sugars) is cheaper than fresh carrots and other veggies, and why school lunch menus are so loaded with starches like tater tots and not fresh fruits. It’s an interesting read and explains a lot about the bill’s role in the obesity epidemic in America, particularly among the poor. It also affects a host of other issues like world economies and markets, immigration, and environmental issues like land preservation.

little bits

So much has been written about Anna Nicole’s passing. The only thought that I would like to add is that she reminded me, in her early years especially, of Anita Ekberg’s character in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, both in resemblance and personality:


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted about any art that I like. But I’m currently fascinated by the work of sculptor Peter Callesen, who works in both miniature and large scale. Check out his works on water. There’s a quality of myth and fairy tale that I like.


I don’t care whether they were lovers or not, but is this not poignant? Imagine the story behind this.

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