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another m.s. moment

This tortilla soup is wonderful…I made it with the last of the turkey. It cannot be messed up…you can make it as spicy or mild as you want, add or subtract ingredients…sometimes I use pinto beans, sometimes black beans. Add rice. Anything. I like adding bits of pre-cooked bacon to it for extra flavor. Just throw it into the slow cooker and wait for its aroma to invite you. Yummy.

Let’s take a trip to Etsyland again…cuz I’m very fond of A Black Apple and her beautiful illustrations…whimsical, with a bit of an edge.

The kiddo woke up next to me this morning and just stared at me pensively for what seemed like the longest time. Then she said “I missed you.”



happy, happy, nice-nice!

the kiddo tweets this phrase randomly throughout the day. I thought I’d think of some happy-happy, nice-nice things of my own:

  • Princess Pine…..I love this stuff and collected armfuls of it this weekend. It’s very wispy, delicate looking green, the kind some wood fairy or thumbelina would hang out on among the moss and lichens. You have to look down on the ground for it, because it’s only two or three inches high. But it’s tough stuff…it has to be, it gets trampled underfoot alot. I wish it had more of a scent though. It’s commonly used in Christmas arrangements and wreaths at this time of the year.
  • blue icicle lights in my window. the kiddo and I love to snuggle up together and gaze at them before we go to bed.
  • razzberries that tickle my tummy from the kiddo.
  • This piece by local artist Patricia Carrigan. I’ve been to her sun flooded studio and I’m jealous of her verrrrry tall windows. I wish she had a website because there’s much more of her work that I like.
  • getting to see my brothers and sisters during the holidays. Mr. B, who’s always calm and knows exactly what to do. My brilliant, socially and politically aware sister T…and sweet and generous Pentyne, whose absurd sense of humor is one of my favorite things…. oh, and there’s her great taste in dogs. I wish I could have seen my brother Guy, who tells me I’m a good woman, many times, every time I see him.
  • ok, girlie moment alert…I’m not much of a makeup person anymore, but this mineral makeup that I tried this weekend…is awesome. Very natural, light and clean. Not a mask. And at the end of your transaction, Carina offers you a choice of at least five charities to donate a portion of her profit to. My kind of business woman. I’ll be back.
  • catching up with Felix, who agrees with me on all of the wonderful qualities of the male body, which we go over in detail. Because it’s important to take stock every now and then, you know?
  • We also adore the great Pedro Almodovar and agree that he’s the closest thing to Fellini that we have now. Must see Volver.
  • We think it’s unfortunate that Gael Garcia Bernal is a diminutive 5′ 4″ but agree on his very beautiful face. I think I’ve mentioned him at least five times maybe in this blog. Have you noticed?
  • little prezzies in the mail from sweet Betty Lou.
  • This recipe for brown sugar scrub ….is fabulous massaged into the skin and then rinsed fifteen minutes later….my skin loves it. Sometimes in lieu of essential oil, I’ll throw in loose leaves from my favorite herbal teas.

it is rude….

to chat with people and not let them know what you look like. Don’t you think? Does this help?

I’m rather shy about these things. And I’m not being all coy or anything. I really despise having my picture taken. Too many childhood traumas involving my amateur photog mom and her camera, getting admonished not to smirk (annoying little habit of mine). I will not do that to my daughter.

And…probably too many self portraits taken in college, hearing “whyyyyyy do you take pictures of yourself?????” I dunno. Something I had to figure out, I guess.

It’s just not fun. Not like taking pictures of other people and discovering them.  I’m like the girl in that Seinfeld skit that looks nice in one kind of light, and butt ugly in another. True.

But enough already. It’s here to stay. Unless I find something else.

hide the celery

Block Improvisation by The Kiddo

that’s the game the past few days around this house. The kiddo is absolutely obsessed with it. Not so much to eat, mind. Though she’ll feign a few chomps here and there, the celery is just a another playtime prop. Seems that the principles in her favorite show, The Wonderpets! adore the stuff. As kid’s shows go, this one isn’t too bad. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming are classroom pets who travel the world in their wonder-capes saving other animals in peril as soon as school lets out. All of the dialogue is sung, as in an operetta. Which pretty much crosses over into conversation between the kiddo and myself, a capella, throughout the day. Anyway, after their feats of bravery and daring-do, our heroes replenish their energy with….celery. I’m lucky I got any of it into the stuffing here.

I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. Except for a bottle of Spanish red gone bad, my own was great. The kiddo ate a bit of everything, which satisfied me. The preparation really made an impression on her…lately, she’s big on “helping”, waltzing around the room with a broom, splashing with the suds in the sink, and stirring things.

The structures in the post are a proud mama moment :> I’m really digging her play these days.

dukka and inevitability

so I’ve been closely following the corporate rumblings and shakeups over at my local newspapers, the Hartford Courant, and the Hartford Advocate, which are both owned by The Tribune. You may have read my prior rants and grumblings about the cutbacks and changes in the newspaper that have come about while the company tries to restructure itself and lure a potential buyer. My interest in this has been mostly as a reader, and is probably most thoroughly rooted in sentimentality. Newspapers are a habit; a tradition,  and one of the last remnants of  cherished memories  of my late father.

But beyond the newsprint are people’s livelihoods, of course, and Alistair Highet’s piece on the changes at his paper and his application of the Buddhist concept of dukka (everything is impermanent, unsustainable), is an interesting read.

But no more catnaps

This is what the kiddo’s been greeting me with every morning when she wakes up and any other time when she just wants to be cute. I think I’m gonna have to whip up one of those kitty hats with the pointy ears for her. In moments of random boredom, I’ve wondered what it would be like to have pointy ears on top of my head. I said when I was bored, mind.

Now, if I could only get the Kiddo to resume naps. Through the glut of sage advice and helpful hints, no one ever told me that my favorite SAHM perk would eventually stop.

Perhaps she just needs to be informed that no self respecting kitty goes without her nap. Sure. That’s it.


That’s the bail set for each one of 44 peacefully protesting janitors in Houston (who make $5.50/hr), for a grand total of $39.1 million. Story here.

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