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in the butterfly tent…

in the kiddo’s room at school, the new butterflies have come out of their chrysalis’s. The kids can sit, one at a time, in the little tent with six butterflies. And while they do, this beautiful cd, A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree, sings along; sings about the little things that, when one is very young…or, still young; are so very, very big. “This is butterfly music!”, classmate Hazel declared. It is indeed. And more.

Shana has made one beautiful, magical cd. Check it out, and don’t forget to see her whimsical animations, too.


Mother of All Music Memes

Great late night albums?
1. Paris 1919-John Cale
2. Lost In Translation Soundtrack

3. Anything by Miles Davis
4. Ditto, Charlie Parker

Name 5 wistful/bittersweet songs:
1. I Know-Fiona Apple
2. Martha-Tom Waits
3. Lovers of Today-The Pretenders
4. Love is a Losing Game-Amy Winehouse
5.The Greatest-Cat Power

The 4 Best Songs Ever Written:
1. Angel-Jimi Hendrix
2. In Dreams-Roy Orbison
3. Thank You-Led Zeppellin
4. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

3 Current Favorite Songs:
1. I Keep a Close Watch-John Cale
2. I’ll Keep it With Mine-Anyone’s version
3. Crashing Cars- Snow Patrol

3 All Time Faves That Never Get Old To You
1. Stay(Faraway, So Close)-U2
2. Little Wing-Jimi Hendrix or Sting
3. More Than This by Roxy Music

Song You Want (or did) To Play At Your Wedding:
If I did, then You Do Something To Me-Cole Porter

Good Angry Songs:
1. I Am Stretched On Your Grave-Sinead O’connor
2. The Hardest Button to Push-White Stripes
3. The Idiot Wind-Bob Dylan

Cover Song Arguably Better Than the Original:
Hallellujah-John Cale

Great Dance Song You Maybe Never Realized Was a Great Dance song Back in the Day:
Not sure I can answer this…

Good Album to Clean The House To:
Anything by Yello

Good Album To Love On Each Other To:

A Good Album To Put You In the Mood (that is NOT Sade, Marvin Gaye or Barry White):
Almost anything Roxy music

Good Album To Sleep To:
Anything by Harold Budd

3 Good Rock Songs That You Can Dance To:
1. Modern Love-David Bowie
2. 1999-Prince
3. Amadeus-Falco

One of Your Favorite Lyrics:
From Ani Difranco’s Hour Follows Hour:

everything is governed by the rule
of one thing leads to another
you can’t really place blame
cuz blame is much to messy
some was bound to get on you
while you were tryin to put it on me
and don’t fool yourself
into thinking things are simple
nobody’s lying still the stories don’t line up
why do you try to hold on
to what you’ll never get a hold on
you wouldn’t try to put the ocean
in a paper cup

Song That Is Too Damn Sad:
These Days-Nico

Great Love Song

You Do Something to Me (Somewhere Deep Inside) -Paul Weller

Honorable Mention:
Groovy Kind of Love

Song To An Ex That Isn’t Meanspirited:
I Keep A Close Watch-John Cale. Every single time. That litlting Welsh accent puts it over the top. Pure poetry. Damned Welshmen. Nothing but trouble.

Song To An Ex That Is Kinda Meanspirited:
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue-Bob Dylan

Song to Listen to While in The Country Looking at Stars:
Almost anything on Bjork’s Vespertine album
or Cowboy Junkies

Song to lose your Mind to:

Song To Cry In Your Pillow to:

Songs That Make You Feel Amped and Inspired:
1. Under Pressure-Queen & David Bowie
2. Kool Thing-Sonic Youth
3. Hyperballad-Bjork
4. Genius of Love-Tom Tom Club
5. Pride-U2

Song That Makes You Miss Your Mom:
Songs don’t make me miss my mom. Movies do.

Criminally Underrated Band That Didn’t Get Attention and Then Broke Up:
Not sure.

Best Screw You I Am a Teenager in Pain Song:
Head Like a Hole-NIN

Song No One Would Expect You To Love:
Umbrella, by Rihanna

Album No One Would Expect You To Dislike:
Any of Tori Amos’s most recent albums.

Album No One Would Expect You To Really Know:
Led Zeppellin II

Emo Album You Actually Like:
I’ve missed the boat on the whole Emo thing. Anything by the Smiths is as close as I get.

Good, But Overrated Cause Of Indie Revisionism:

5 Desert Island Discs off the top of your head (30 sec clock):
1. The Singles-The Pretenders
2 When the Pawn…Fiona Apple
3. 1966-Bob Dylan
4. Post-Bjork
5. Fragments of A Rainy Season-John Cale

3 Contemporary Artists That Were Your Faves 10 Years Ago:
Tori Amos

The Cranberries

Sarah MchLachlan
Music That Makes You Feel Sophisticated:
What a silly question.

Fave Electronic Record You Own:
I don’t.

Hip-Hop Song You Know All the Lyrics Too:
Is Jennifer Lopez hip hop? “If You Had My Love”. Too easy.

Random Albums You Loved In High School But Are Afraid To Admit It:

Seals and Crofts Greatest Hits
Steely Dan-Aja
Supertramp-Breakfast In America
Album You May Have Listened To More In High School than Any Other Album:
Aiyiyi…Thriller-Michael Jackson

If You Could Enter A Wrestling Ring to a Song It Would Be:
Fighter-Christina Aguilera

Album To Clear A Room With:
Anything by Mariah Carey

“We’re so lucky to be alive at the same time Leonard Cohen is.” -Lou Reed, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony



is the kiddo discovering the music playback on the keyboard and playing :deep breath: My Heart Will Go On over.and over.and over.

he’s still got it

For T., especially:

little discovery

Did I mention our new toy? The one we got for Christmas, the kiddo and I? I can’t remember. But we got a nice keyboard for both of us to learn on. I’ve always wished I took piano. So, now I will.

I found LikeTreesWalking on youtube. She has many, many original compositions, and quite a few of them I like. They’re like someone thinking aloud in a language that just happens to be the piano.

No. 48:

can’t decide

which version I like better:


Ron’s presence reminds me some, faintly, of Roy Orbison. Roy always reminds me of my father, who physically resemebled him when he was young, and had that same shy, sad, and lonely thing going on:


I like Roy’s songs that deal with mystery and shadows.

I like the sass and sexiness of Feist’s, but I fear it’s going to wind up on Grey’s Anatomy, with Meredith watching; pining, hopelessly after Derek, the way I knew Amy Winehouse would appear too.

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