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I’m quite fond of Kitty Genius’s blog. See her Etsy store here.


Etsy alert:

Isn’t this trinket lovely, now? It can be found at luxe Deluxe. I would totally wear so many of her creations. Actually, I think this would look darling gracing a certain sister’s neck at her bird themed wedding. No?

3 4U

I’ve been tagged. Twice. I’m still working on one sent my way by Dok. Seems yesterday, unbeknownst to me, it was Blog Day. I know this because Sigrid, a reader in Italy who herself has an awesome cooking blog; il cavoletto di bruxelles (love the photography), tagged me and let me know. So I thought I’d share three blogs that I’ve never mentioned here. Enjoy:

DearAda: This is a blog after my own heart. You may have noticed the absence of links for what I like to call pretty-pretties recently. I still peruse around for them; just have been too distracted for posting. Pretty-pretties everywhere here, and when I’m in dire need of eye candy, here I go.

Bright Stupid Confetti: I always find wonderful artists working in all sorts of mediums on this blog. I love and trust their eye.

3191: This is a beautiful collaboration between two friends who happen to live 3191 miles apart; simple, stunning, and precious. An ongoing visual blog  of morning capsules of life around and abound. I love peeking in.

just checking in…

I have so many things I want to talk about but little time right now. There’s tents and faux-campfires to build and enjoy with the kiddo, spring cleaning, and some other projects.

But there’s my disappointment with the reaction to Gore’s testimony on Capitol Hill…what’s up with that? Is there a Republican plan/response to the global warming issue besides obstinence? Or do they want to cob major points from the Dem’s, implement them, and swipe credit for saving the world? I’m tired of the games. I’m admittedly not as politically tuned in as I would like, but this issue is NOT something that comes with a do-0ver, it’s not something to be screwed up.

Ok, I am calm again. Really. I am working on some bird assemblage art that I promise to share with you in the coming days as WIPS (works in progress). For now I will leave you to admire the work of artist Lauri Faggioni’s soft sculptures, which include, yes, birds and other creatures. Lovely work.

j’aime fifi



have you seen her yet? Fifi is a sweet, fashionable bunny, an haress and an only child. Like other haresses with time on their hands, Fifi Lapin models. I like the monkey love number she has on here.

petit treasures

Currently on my Etsy favorite list:

Shana Barry’s delightful Fofers have gone miniature and are now available at Etsy along with the new Peaceballs.

This jewelry is like wearing fragments of vintage France. By Amy Hanna.

ScrapDanny’s work is just like its title…scraps incorporated into bags, scarves, and collages.

And lastly, I just love Sweetpea the seahorse:

drool, drool

I don’t even wear jewelry that much anymore, but is this not a pretty necklace? By thomcat designs. At Etsy, natch.


Nina Bagley is another artist and jewelry maker I admire…beautiful work with beads, found images, words, and nature.

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