All is calm, again

These aren’t toilet plungers. They look like toilet plungers. But they’re not toilet plungers.

Meet Mama Tree and Baby Tree, a little family we’ve taken in after some stranger in a red suit left them under our tree, tucked in quietly among the Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and paints on Christmas Day. Maybe now little kiddo will stop kidnapping the two actual plungers in the bathroom (squick moment!) and enlisting them in a game of “garden”.

It was getting bad. At least a dozen times a day, poor frazzled Mommy  had to rescue the bewildered plungers and corral them into the bathroom, where the kiddo would visit and talk to them in hushed, mournful tones. After I managed to snatch “Mama Tree” on one occassion, she could be heard bellowing in her bedroom to a hidden “Baby Tree” , “don’t worry, Baby Tree, Mama Tree will be back!”.

They’re very quiet, require no batteries, and are so flexible. Artfully draped with swatches of fabric, they become colorful flowers. They’ve also been known to sprout crocs:

At least they won’t shoot her eye out.


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