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touching, isn’t it?

Christian the Lion. I hope it’s not some hoax or fake story or anything, cuz I really teared up watching it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about passions and how they seem to find you, and not the other way around. My animals are way up there on my list of passions. I read in the Courant this weekend about a woman who owns a farm for older animals. She has 35 animals, including two 900 lb pigs! It wouldn’t take much to see me do something like that. I have the feeling that this would significantly hamper the Golden Years  retirement plan my sisters and I talk about.



things that perplex me:

The top secret nature of the contents of the kiddo’s daily lunch at preschool.

“So what’d you have for lunch today, sweetie?”

“Not telling.” Or, “ummmm…..hmmmmmmmm…it’s so hard to say.” Or, just plain “I don’t know.”

I also am perplexed and a bit discomfited by her generation’s seeming preference for regression. As in, being a baby. They all want to be babies! Babies! At the pool in particular, the popular game is “Baby”, in which they basically do baby things and go “waaaaaah”, all the time. And then the other night, she and I were watching Planet Earth, when a mother baboon comes up on the screen. Her baby is hanging underneath her, attached presumably to her teat as she walks. The kiddo perks up and tells me “I want to do that! Can I do that? Forever?”. Jesus God, no! No! And this would be her bliss, actually; hanging off of my sorry chest for all eternity. I don’t recall—-ever, ever, ever, ever—-EVER—wanting to regress as a child. Every year was hard won and I wasn’t giving an inch. And I still wouldn’t give an inch of all my experience, ever. What I do remember wishing ever so much for was to be magic—-a genie, a fairy, a queen, an elf, a witch, a saint; or a feral animal with stealthy magical powers. But NOT a baby.

I wonder, more seriously, why it is that people who hurt others are enabled and enboldened by our legal system. I think of the state of things in Hartford, in particular, but also from personal experience as a domestic violence survivor currently trying to tread water in the legal system. I have more to say about that later.

a quickie

Still here, peeps. Not much to write about, and so little time to write, anyway. But life just gets better and better and better and better.

Have I told you how much better life gets, lately?


I often comment to those I know how random the nature of our moving was, and how random, quite like a raindrop falling out of a sky, was our location. I meet so many interesting people here. And I’m loving it. I don’t even think myself a people person, in particular, so it’s good news when I meet people I’m happy to know.

Speaking of locations, I have been complimented three times this week on how nice my back patio looks. Finally. It took awhile. It takes me a long time to figure out my spaces and what I want to do with them. Add, subtract. Shift-shift-shift. Repeat as neccessary.

Tibet Festival coming up. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to land in a community where there is a strong Buddhist presence. That and a good school were my primary concerns when I contemplated this step way back when. It’s actually only been not even a year since the world changed forever for us, but it seems ancient already. Anyhoo, I hope to get my hands on a camera for some good snaps of this. And someday soon, maybe I’ll share my crazy adventure with the move, since I’ve been otherwise talking about it so much these days with previously mentioned interesting people.

Stay cool. I’m goin’ swimmin.


“are you watching The Bachelorette tonight?!?”


“um, no.”

“what?! really?! do you have tv? cable?”

“well, no. I mean, we have a t.v., and we watch movies, but nope. No cable.” 

(Anymore. Besides, I hate shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette….yadayada. But I didn’t say that. And I thought what I did say sounded as really breezy and cheerful as I felt. So what happened next kind of surprised me.).

“Awwwww”, as Alla strokes the kiddo’s cheek, “I’m so sorry”.

Well that’s one I’ve never heard before. Sorry because I choose not to have cable? Poor deprived kiddo! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had cable on and off for years, but then it feels too much with me and I have to get rid of it. It becomes too distracting.  As if I don’t have enough of those. I just can’t swim through all of that. The only time I really wish I had cable is during the playoffs. But I grew up listening to baseball on the radio, so it’s not a really big deal.

I don’t judge those that do have cable or like t.v. though, and I certainly don’t judge dear Alla, who is a sweet older lady from Russia who loves to tell me what she’s watching, be it an evangelical hour, or some flick on a romance channel. She loves romance movies. And I think it’s sweet that she does. I wish I did. But I’m not a romantic, much. Alla is also a talented painter too. She charms me. I’ve just never had anyone’s pity regarding my lack of cable.

And then, the kiddo and I were all cuddled in bed together, with her snuggled tight in the crook of my arm, before we drift off in different directions and I make like a hurricane in my sleep.

“mmmmm….you know what you smell like????”

“no, what???”

“Fruit cocktail!!!!!”

Fruit cocktail? Fruit cocktail?!???? Sweet, the sentiment, but clearly, I need to change this deodorant. Though I’m quite fond of Dove lemongrass/grapefruit. I am not a fruit salad! I’m not! Actually, I think if I were going to smell like anything, I think I’d like to smell like pine needles. Not Christmas Tree pine needles. Nuh-uh. But like the dried pine needles underfoot in the woods on a long walk. Like in the Adirondacks, or the woods of my childhood. So comforting. I miss the Adirondacks.

Obligatory what am I reading since I’m not watching cable: The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution In Our Time, by Jonathan Weiner. Yeah, I picked it up because of the finch in the title. But it’s actually quite good. Elegantly written, and about the 20 year study of finches on the  Galapagos Islands; the island where it all began for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I like reading about how things come to be, especially when there’s a logical, useful idea behind it, as in natural selection, or another one of my favorite subjects, anthropology. I wish science and nature fascinated me in grade school as much as it does now. Pity.

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