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at times I’m too amused

So I have been running around all day with “crotch-rockets, croootch rock-ettes” looping through my head. Like a song. And giggling inappropriately in public. Awesome.

Thanks, Betsy.



I’ve long abandoned the Christian references in this story, but i go for this sort of woo-woo stuff in which enlightened gentle beings appear to tell us that It’s All Going To Be O.K….

All the same, I hope his mom pulls through.

just remembering

the Buell, fondly, on a perfect summer day. And missing its streamlined, fast and sexy ride. :sigh:

Off to go play.


I was digging around some of the stray boxes still hanging around here and found a beautiful little piece of brocaded embroidered fabric I forgot about. And a forgotten kimono pattern with an obi. Guess what I’m making. Perfect. 

Unfortunately, the thing I was actually looking for, the discs for my camera and battery/charger, are nowhere to be found and so must be in storage. But the camera is, oddly enough…here. I haven’t even seen the storage unit yet. I’m afraid. Yikes! This is now The Worst Move Ever. After schlepping around so very many places, I have had packing down pat. Not this time. Unfortunately. Somehow, stuff that should be in storage is here, and things that should be here, are in storage. Gah.

This  is a nice little find. I like those little buttons on the bottom right. And aren’t these shirts cute? Pretty.

sweet child o’ mine

I slept with Emm last night to help her get used to The Big Girl Bed. There was a firefly in her room that made its way in from…somewhere. I love fireflies.

Emm requested proscuitto for breakfast this morning. Proscuitto!

God, not the trash/that’s not trash

Is it the height of paradox to like feeling the heat from your compost pile when it steams up and yet…go into dry heaves at the very thought of changing that trash bin you’ve passed by 12 times already?

deer friend

Shameless plug for my friend and best former roommate Felix’s Etsy shop, Sneaky Pablo. I  just snapped this up today. Isn’t it cute? My grandpa painted landscapes and there was always a  deer or two around in his paintings. Love them.

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