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this just makes me…

sad. But you know, there’s no such thing as global warming, right? Righhhhhhhhhhht.


All is calm, again

These aren’t toilet plungers. They look like toilet plungers. But they’re not toilet plungers.

Meet Mama Tree and Baby Tree, a little family we’ve taken in after some stranger in a red suit left them under our tree, tucked in quietly among the Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and paints on Christmas Day. Maybe now little kiddo will stop kidnapping the two actual plungers in the bathroom (squick moment!) and enlisting them in a game of “garden”.

It was getting bad. At least a dozen times a day, poor frazzled Mommy  had to rescue the bewildered plungers and corral them into the bathroom, where the kiddo would visit and talk to them in hushed, mournful tones. After I managed to snatch “Mama Tree” on one occassion, she could be heard bellowing in her bedroom to a hidden “Baby Tree” , “don’t worry, Baby Tree, Mama Tree will be back!”.

They’re very quiet, require no batteries, and are so flexible. Artfully draped with swatches of fabric, they become colorful flowers. They’ve also been known to sprout crocs:

At least they won’t shoot her eye out.

Merry Christmas


If you have a chance, have a look at Mr. McEnroe’s Christmas story. It’s a good read.

For the third consecutive year, the kiddo has found an unwrapped present stashed unsuccesfully somewhere and claimed it. Guess we can call this a tradition.

I like this mulled wine recipe. I often add a couple of bags of mandarin spice tea for an extra kick. Actually, any citrus based or apple tea would do.

Friends in the crafting community are sponsoring a benefit auction for the Kim family. It will take place beginning January 3rd and bidding will run for a week. Previews of donated craft items can be found here.


the sugar cookie gods

Recently, my mother and I had a rare conversation about cooking. She was miffed because I’d chosen to make cupcakes from scratch and not from a box, or better yet, the store bakery. This is the woman who worships at the altar of Freihoffer. “Why do you have to do everything the hard way?”. The hard way being, cooking from scratch when I make just about everything instead of running to her good friends Lipton, Freezer Queen, Banquet, and so many others. I could literally here her head shaking on the phone. Guess she’s never had the benefit of a homemade cake. I was never really allowed in the kitchen. Things just taste so much better, so much fresher, from scratch. Not to mention that I know what’s in my food. Always a good thing.

But I almost ran to the Pillsbury gods this week myself, until I found yet another christmas cookie recipe. It’s taken me a good fifteen years, but I’ve finally, finally made a sugar cookie that does not taste like cardboard. The sugar cookie gods have at last smiled upon me. And they’re kiddo approved…yay!

I’m still a little deflated today because the only thing I really wanted for Christmas for myself…this….is out of stock. Everywhere. Who knew so many people have birds on the brain? Oh well.

Aren’t these sock monkey sheets by Nick and Nora cute???? I got the kiddo a pair of pajamas in that pattern but in pink.

just gulp and take a deep breath, right?

love is… buying the yellow crocs that the kiddo wanted from the very beginning when every fiber of your fashion sense screams and drags its nails in protest at the cash register.

It’s the little things sometimes, folks.


I’ve been admiring these for awhile. Thought I’d share. Isn’t this bird darling?

calling Santa…

Forget the letter. The kiddo’s been periodically speed dialing the man in red on a little cellphone made out of a slab of rock she discovered in the yard. She’s not making any requests, but is most concerned about the health of his reindeer.


If I were a cat, I’d want to call this lady my owner. Read the description.


As I was perusing a monograph on him yesterday, I realized that Cy Twombly is the only artist whose work makes me  cry. Though Robert Frank’s later work comes close. Forget the scoffers, and the legitimacy of craft or not, it’s all about reaction for me. The French lady in this article would probably agree.


I walked in on the kiddo yesterday, who was gently putting my ancient Mrs. Beasley doll through yoga poses. I’m sure by now she could use it.

what’s playing in my cd player

  • lisa germano: in the maybe world
  • imogen heap: speak for yourself
  • kate bush: aerial
  • fiona apple: extraordinary machine
  • cat power: the greatest

I should add that with the exception of a few tracks on Extraordinary Machine, the kiddo hates my music. She prefers music with a beat. And will imitate a jumping bean while listening to Maroon 5’s This Love over. and over. and over.

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