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new breath

For the first time ever, in memory, my palms were sweating as my fingernails dug and scratched along their shallow planes. Not quite zen cool. “After awhile, they all start to look the same, ” my lawyer mused, as we sat on the bench outside of the clerk’s office in the lower area of the tiny courthouse. She was right. I’d thought I’d seen him at least three times out of the corner of my eye during the short walk to the aging courthouse.

I had been to court many times during the past two years; had  gotten used to it so much, and so accustomed to his late arrivals, that usually, I barely glanced around for him anymore. But today, my head darted up and around at any sound of a door opening and then shutting. Because today, if he didn’t show up, I had a near certain chance of winning all that I had been fighting for during these past two years, and finally ending the dread and tedium of appointments, terse words leveled at me from him in dimly lit hallways, and late night hours of anxiety and uncertainty over a future I couldn’t even begin to plan until this matter was resolved.

And it did get resolved. He never showed. I was so accustomed to his dramatic appearances at the very last minute, that I could barely breathe in front of the judge…I was as nervous as a bride at the altar, tensely half expecting that rare protester at the eleventh hour (the kind seen only in movies) to barge in and call the whole thing off. “I wasn’t expecting this when I woke up today,” I kept numbly repeating to my lawyer as we lunched afterward.

I felt happy for my lawyer, who’d been through a leave of absence during our association, and was now planning to transfer to juvenile court related matters in the near future. “I get so frustrated in seeing justice denied for you guys (meaning women, actually),” she sighed “that when I get home, I just want to pop someone.” I nodded. I could write a book upon what I feel are inequities and oversights that I saw routinely and dismissively leveled at women in situations similar to my own–women emerging from violent situations who seek to protect and rehabilitate their children— during these two years. Maybe I’ll at least write an article. Because if I ever hear that “a bad father is better than no father at all…”, anytime soon, I may feel like popping someone myself. I prefer a nice sharp pen to a fist.

I don’t know what else to say—I’m still a bit numb—except that I can breathe differently, feel lighter, and finally, complete. It’s just a piece of paper–nothing much else has changed—but I’ll take this paper, over and above any others.


home is where I want to be

And now I am. I’ll tell you about it sometime, soon. I’m still a little tired, overwhelmed with gratitude and a sense of deeply desired peace, and just happy to be back.

I hope you all are in a good place, too. Happy New Year!

I lost 190 lbs!


I feel weightless. And that’s all I’m sayin.

you know you’re from Connecticut when…

during a dream with gardens resembling Paradise, you pause, mid-dream, and register concern regarding the possible presence of ticks.
Yes, I am back. But feeling a bit rusty after my hiatus. I should be posting on a more or less regular basis. But right now, this is all I got.


some announcements…

hello, hello,

This month marks a year in my blogging odyssey…woohoo! I want to thank my band of faithful readers and commenters. I’ve so enjoyed reading your feedback and having this dialogue with you. This blog has become quite a habit, something I carry with me in my hip pocket all of the time, and with it, my readers. So, thank you.

Oddly enough, at this time, I will be taking a hiatus from this blog for a month or two while I attend to other things in my life of a personal nature. No cause for concern, just making some much needed changes that will color my life in a more positive way and grant me more freedom to do things I’ve needed to do.

I look forward to connecting with you all on the other end of this. Take care of yourselves, k?

About me

I have noticed new visitors linking in from my other blog and would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to new readers. So, a little about me:

I am a 41 year old mom of one incredible daughter, who is the light of my life. We live together in New England with her dad, my significant other, who is a very private man and hence is often an unmentioned presence in my life.

I am also an artist who plays with mixed media, digital art, and photography. Before having the kiddo, I was trained in graphic design and photography. I went on to work for a couple of years at a newspaper, starting out in graphic design, and later picking up spot photography and feature writing.

I love pretty things. There’s quite a few of them cited here. Check them out under the pretty-pretties tag.

I’m a rather rabid baseball fan, though I try to tone it down here. Spring training has just begun. Go Yanks!

I like to read. Voraciously, when I get a chance. My favorite genre is magical realism, which includes the writers Salman Rushdie, Isabelle Allende, Arundhati Roy, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I also like poetry. Dylan Thomas, e.e. Cummings, Anne Sexton, T.S. Eliot, and Walt Whitman, among others, move me.

I love animals and nature…especially kitties, dogs, owls, seals, and llamas.

I have five brothers and sisters. In my recent past, I lost a dear and beautiful sister. It’s hard.

Lastly, I don’t write about any one thing in particular. Randomness is my muse. The title of the blog has come about from my recent embrace of many things French, and my enduring love of the small, hushed things in life, things that often go unnoticed. I love little things. Delicate things. Especially since having my own sweet little thing.

Enjoy, and please stay.

New babies

I have started two new blogs, Petit Muse, which will feature my artwork and those of others, and Ku, which is my haiku blog of mostly One Deep Breath prompts. They are a little scant with content at the moment, with only one entry at Ku. I will post entry links here as they are updated.

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