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Just when I’d thought inspiration had lumbered off to take a nap under a nice tree somewhere (that scamp), I received an interesting invitation from a good friend for a collaboration. Details are still being worked out, but I’m juiced. I love best the participatory nature of art. Getting inside someone’s head, exchanging, playing around. Stuff like that. I’ll most likely be posting pieces, finished and in progress here.

Though I have not forgotten my website (…. thanks, Emm). Don’t bother to click, it’s not up yet. There’s the pesky matter of my camera and scanner situation. I’ll make an announcement sometime in mid-August, early September, when it’s up and to my liking.

So for those unfamiliar with my creative life, I guess this would be a good opportunity  to share that.

I’m a third generation artist who specializes mainly in mixed media and photography. I’ve done some teaching in art and children’s theatre, and done production work in set design/construction and costume design. I’ve also done a little acting.

I’ve produced art most of my life, save for a couple of years when I’d entertained ideas of Saving The World after my artist grandfather, stricken with cancer, suggested my time might better be spent studying medicine or some other useful career.

I’m preoccupied most with the process of, well, life; especially biological and spiritual processes, and the little births and deaths that occur in everyday experience along those planes of existence. This has been informed the most by my attempts to process various additions and subtractions in my life and by the desire to get to know intimately my environment, wherever it is.


That’s enough Art News. I will end this with a little information passed onto me this past  lunch by a certain three year old. Evidently, macaroni and cheese with sweet relish rocks.

 I dare you to try it.


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