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need to pout…

I’ve mostly outgrown pouting but— two things:

Colin McEnroe’s recently cancelled afternoon radio show on WTIC was very much missed on Innauguration Day. Maybe he’s gotten over it, but I haven’t.

Little pout: Can’t imagine a senate without a Kennedy. I wasn’t all gung-ho over Caroline, but there’s been freshman senators with weaker qualifications. I have an extra cushiony soft spot for the Kennedys. They remind me of my mother’s family. Big. Irish Catholic. Clannishly close, and with similar issues and tragedies, except the glaring fame and fortune. I thought a lot of Robert Kennedy on Innaugeration day, actually.



this is. I don’t know how Left Handed Scissors landed on my dashboard, but after a quick peek at this new blog, I’m charmed by her sewing projects. I’m in awe of people who sew…in this age, there’s a lot of love of the craft behind those projects.

other thoughts….

C.C. Sabathia…a Yankee? I love his durability and skills, but I’m skeptical in of a player who seems like one of the least enthusiastic prospects ever to consider playing for  this legendary team. C.C. always struck me as a Californian…as in, Angels. And wouldn’t he have loved to play in L.A. for Joe Torre? Ah, well….

I’m appalled by the Illinois governor, aren’t you?

I got a Plenty magazine subscription free in the mail and I have to say, this could be one of my favorites. Good read for the environmentally conscious.

Bush’s Pension?

Ok, most of us already knew, but here’s the  proof in the pudding. The real reason George went to Iraq. What timing. *Gag*

let’s hope

that what happens in Vegas really does stay the hell in Vegas. Please! Ok, that was cheap and easy, but really, the guy scares me.


I spoke to soon…today it looks like a snowglobe outside. Snowman time.

So perhaps I shouldn’t jinx this.

just checking in…

I have so many things I want to talk about but little time right now. There’s tents and faux-campfires to build and enjoy with the kiddo, spring cleaning, and some other projects.

But there’s my disappointment with the reaction to Gore’s testimony on Capitol Hill…what’s up with that? Is there a Republican plan/response to the global warming issue besides obstinence? Or do they want to cob major points from the Dem’s, implement them, and swipe credit for saving the world? I’m tired of the games. I’m admittedly not as politically tuned in as I would like, but this issue is NOT something that comes with a do-0ver, it’s not something to be screwed up.

Ok, I am calm again. Really. I am working on some bird assemblage art that I promise to share with you in the coming days as WIPS (works in progress). For now I will leave you to admire the work of artist Lauri Faggioni’s soft sculptures, which include, yes, birds and other creatures. Lovely work.

not exactly an afterglow…

more like relief that the House, at least, and possibly the Senate, are in the Dem’s hands and checks and balances have a fighting chance. I’m hoping that the Dems will start asserting themselves in a stronger manner than they have and actually walk the walk. As for the big Connecticut Senate race, I don’t feel excited there either, just oddly empty. No matter what Leiberman says about not being beholden to the Elephants, it’s hard not to wonder when he took so much money from them and was indeed a rubber stamp for W. I think he has actually conveniently crafted an out by touting independence and “bipartisianship” whenever he votes against his constituency. I’m unimpressed. Now  he just skeeves me.

But this race has left me lukewarm from the start. I couldn’t stand Leiberman, but it was tough to get behind a millionaire from Greenwich, CT who ran his candidacy on one heavy note, however popular antiwar sentiments are right now. I wished instead for a candidate more strident and progressive on domestic issues like healthcare and the environment, etc. I’m not familiar with the political scene in Connecticut even after seven years and can’t think of anyone specific in mind, but still it seems like an opportunity lost with Leiberman as vulnerable as he was at one point.

And that is pretty much all I have to say about this. See you later.

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