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i love, love, love

this work. Found Severine C.’s beautiful photography during a google search on pillow books. This one in particular  is a favorite of mine. This one, too. So many beautiful images. Check out pillow book  set.


in the butterfly tent…

in the kiddo’s room at school, the new butterflies have come out of their chrysalis’s. The kids can sit, one at a time, in the little tent with six butterflies. And while they do, this beautiful cd, A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree, sings along; sings about the little things that, when one is very young…or, still young; are so very, very big. “This is butterfly music!”, classmate Hazel declared. It is indeed. And more.

Shana has made one beautiful, magical cd. Check it out, and don’t forget to see her whimsical animations, too.


things. First, I just found out that there’s a retrospective of Francis Bacon’s work at the Met through August 16. Yes!

And, Gael has a new flick out, Rudo y Cursi. With Diego Luna (don’t you just love that name? Actually, I love both their names. But how cool would it be to have Luna (the Moon) as your last name? Reminds me of silver) . I love these two together. It’s about another love of mine, soccer. Sounds good.


Discovered the work of spanish photographer Cristina Garcia Rodero quite by accident…very fond of her work. Cristina documents Spanish rites and fiestas and is primarily focused on the sacred and the profane. I also like her works with children. She is particularly interested in  rituals and celebrations of the religious sort in particular, that are fading from culture. I have to say, I’m quite jealous of cultures infused with a sort of pagan wildness, the European and Latin American cultures in particular. You just don’t see it in a country founded by Puritans. We hawk the idea of freedom, and yet repress and even reject human responses to  religion, rites of passage, and human sexuality that are primal, magical, and perfectly natural.

nice work.

Dutch collage artist Woefoep. I like this. And this. And this. This, too. And so many others. Check it out…excellent collage.

it’s what it is…

whimsical. enchanting. playful. Nature, that is. Check out Amy Ross’s art.

good read

I need. I want to read The Sky Below, and this one(admittedly because of the John Irving comparisons. His own latest have disappointed.). Any others I’m missing? Anyone?

Also, after virtual absence of interest in photography for too many years (photography was my major), I have been looking at the recent edition of BW magazine. Wolf Suschitzky’s work, especially his By the Water, Light and Shadow, and  Loving Care  galleries, I like.

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