keeping it light

I was recently reading the editor of Saveur magazine’s list of five embarrassing comfort foods. I have five. But unlike he, I’m unembarrassed.

1. Cottage cheese and potato chips. Preferably w/salt and vinegar, but as long as it’s not barbecue. I think Roz got me hooked on this. I try not to indulge in front of other people, who think it’s disgusting. Kiddo, included.

2. Grated potatoes w/garlic and onions, with a side of sour cream, bleu cheese dressing, or ranch, in a pinch. Roz started that one also.

3. French fries and bleu cheese dressing. Preferably large steak fries, or crispy wedges. But I’ll take any fry I can find, when the mood strikes.

4. Stove Top stuffing. I lied. This one’s embarrassing, a little.

5. Butterfinger candy bars, which, like Oreos, must be eaten in a certain way. First the chocolate shell is nibbled at all over, then I chip away at the inside. I let the little flaky bits of peanutbutter goodness melt, and it’s heaven.


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