never gets old

The sight of new bird babies. Even when they’re not mine. After a coupla false starts, the pair of finches that I gifted my friend Bonnie and her son Charlie with are new parents. There are two wobbly heads with open beaks and closed, purple eyelids tucked inside a little grass house, where Charles ferociously guards them. What fascinates me is that the males are so dedicated to sitting and then caring for the newborns. Hard work, as they need to be fed every two hours, about as much as a human newborn. Nice to share my passion with friends…I haven’t seen nine year old Charlie yet, but I’m sure he’s utterly thrilled….Charlie wants to be Dr. Doolittle. Awesome.

We just got back from a nice Chinese dinner…veggie lo mein for me, fried dumplings and eggrolls for the kiddo. Her favorite food. Never get tired of her exuberant dining, either. Before that, we were at the library, where she spotted her hearthrob, Yanni.  Yanni works the desk. He’s an older man at 20 years of age. Nonetheless, this is what the kiddo had to say to her therapist, when asked about Mr. Yanni:

“He’s my boyfriend! I’m going to marry him!”

:small pause:

“When I’m older!”

:split second later:

“I can’t wait!!!!!”


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