homework, shmomework

“You need to do your homework and then you can go play outside, sweetie.”

“Homework? Whattttt??? I don’t like homework! I’m not doing it! Hmmph.”

:Arms cross. Little arms.:

“Yep, gotta do your homework. Just one page. It’s really easy.”

“But I ripped it up! I can’t do it!”

:smug, self satisfied look:

“Oh. O.k. Well, collect all the pieces up and give it to Miss Bellacosa tomorrow morning. Tell her what you did with your homework.”

:look of total alarm. A little mind can be seen backpedaling, spinning furiously:

“No, wait! I didn’t really, Mama! I was just kidding! Ok, ok, I’ll do it”


I have to give it to her, though. The five exercises were not that easy. They involved writing a chosen number, then drawing the equivilant bundles with the slant slashed across in the next column. I realized upon scanning the example that for 43 years, I’ve been getting this wrong. See, I’d always thought there were only three little lines, which were then slashed, instead of four. And, the slash, as far as I knew, didn’t count. I’ve actually graduated high school with this erroneous information, uncorrected. Well, it’s not I’ve I’ve actually needed this information…Not like I’ve been hanging out in a cave….or a prison cell….or some deserted island, scratching out a rudimentary calendar.

“I think they’ve always been this way, ” my friend Shelly offered, when I recounted my confusion. But the bundle trios look so much prettier! Really. That should be taken into account, no?


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