she knows…

From Artist Lenore Tawney:

Creation is a defiance of ordinary verbal communication. Its origins lie in the ineffable part of one’s own being and are much closer to the silence of the universe, than to its noises and verbalizations. Art is always just beyond language. Each work seems to be called up from a bottomless chaos and despite the magic order it finds in the artist’s creation, retains always the memory of the original chaos to which it is destined to return. The man of deep insight knows that authentic life is not lived arbitrarily but is governed by a secret mesh of invisible images.

From Scraps of Memory: Findings from Lenore Tawney’s Notes: Poetry.
Lenore Tawney


2 Responses to “she knows…”

  1. 2 petitmuse September 6, 2009 at 12:22 am

    miss you too…been up to my eyeballs in chaos. no end in sight this week, either. i’m hanging in there…hope you are, too.

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