ends and odds

I immediately thought of Pentyne when I’d heard that Bea Arthur passed away this weekend. See, we have this plan. I’ve mentioned it before. My sisters and I are going to be the Golden Girls, Pentyne’s favorite show. Pentyne is Bea Arthur’s character, Dorothy, T. is Betty White’s character Rose, and I’m Dorothy’s mother, Sofia. My late sister Wallado (Pentyne used to call her that as a tot. I won’t even tell you what she came up with for me), was definitely Blanche. We’ll all live together when we’re old ladies in a yellow cottagey house…we have not yet agreed upon matters of location, or um, the addition of llamas and chickens. Somehow, I can see Pentyne/Dorothy threatening me with a place like Shady Pines over the llamas and chickens.

I felt this ouchy twinge of jealousy when I heard on the radio that Heidi Klum is expecting. I don’t get it. I don’t even care about Heidi Klum. But I really need to get over the baby business. Sheesh.

I’m not saying anything regarding the Red Sox sweep.

Lastly, I wish my brother Guy a belated happy, happy birthday. Can’t wait til vacation, Guy.


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