stray thoughts

–I feel like skipping and hopping and skipping and hopping outside in the nice warm sun today. Instead, I get to take the kiddo to the dentist. Poor thing.

–I’m seriously craving lemon with lots of meringue. Guess what we’re having for dessert this easter?

–How thrilled am I that the kiddo discovered mama’s Calvin and Hobbes stash to read? She was a little confused regarding Hobbe’s stuffed animal-then-real-live-tiger states, but when I explained, she understood perfectly. I love it when she just kind of finds stuff around and adopts things. I’m kind of hands off, in many ways, with her. A gentle suggestion here, another there. Finding things is fun. Especially when you’re ready. In a sense, when I think of teaching art to kids, that’s the best advice I have to give to a youngster: “just go find it.” Whatever it is. That’s the fun. Not always easy to get that to stick in this day and age though. It makes me sad to see kids stuck on a very specific idea…like drawing the perfect picture of Spiderman, when maybe there’s something better yet to be discovered. In their heads.

 Thank heavens the kiddo and I have the same perverse sense of humor. Makes living together fun. Gotten cheeky though. And likes ickydisgustinggross things alot lately. I feign horror. But I don’t think Uncle Will is gonna have to bait the kiddo’s fishhook at camp the way he always did for me, back in the day.

–I’ve decided that I want to be Ruth Gordon (Harold and Maude)  when I grow up. I think I feel the purple hat already on my head anyway. Just need a nice field of daisies to go wander around in. Wanna come, T. and Pentyne? I bet I can find I can find us  some llamas and chickens and sheep out there. And if you’re reallyreallyreally  good, I’ll bring them home!


1 Response to “stray thoughts”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust April 1, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    what, no camping at demolition sites? i have decided that I wanna be The Dude, from “The Big Lebowski,” when I get old.

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