conversations with the kiddo

from a short two days ago:

“Does Santa have a penis?”


“Well, yeah. If he’s a boy, he has a penis, right?”

“What color is his toilet?”

“Red. Santa’s toilet is red.”


“Welllll….mine’s only white.”

(muttering under my breath) “Don’t even…”


2 Responses to “conversations with the kiddo”

  1. 1 bets January 17, 2009 at 1:14 am

    kiddo would like the bathroom fixtures at our house… Abby’s sink, tub and toilet are 1957-green and the fixtures in my bathroom are canary yellow with a very light greyish-lavender tile surround.
    Ab’s surround is tile the color of her fixtures. It’s a very green bathroom. And the marble around her sink is wonderful, big globby dark green marble. Tis very nice.

    Funny story, On new years eve, we were at friends house – their kids are 3 and 4. Ab’s in school with Ellen, the 4 yr old. Owen is the little brother and as we were getting the kids ready for bed Abs looked at Owen and said quite accusingly, “what’s wrong with your vagina?!…”
    He ignored her, so a few moments later, she asked again… To which he said, “Stop saying that. I don’t know what you’re talking about but I don’t like it!” It was a priceless exchange.

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