“I’m not eating them.”

“But they’re gooooood! Yummy!”


“No, they’re not. They’re delicious!They’re good for you! How can you say that about them?!? How do you think they feel?!?”


“Yes! Just do it……open up….here comes the plane!”

Gulp. Truly disgusting. Always were. Still are. Spaghettios. Yeah, the little munchkin stole my line. Here comes the plane.


So insistent, she was. Save the spaghettios!

Let us hope as she matures, she bestows a sense of good will and effort to a more, shall we say, worthy cause.

I think it’s just a stage. The one in which disgusting icky things become truly fascinating; obsessive, even. Let us hope it’s a stage. Only that. I have noticed that a more proportionate time at Petco is fixated on the amphibians and reptiles. I try to cop a cool, nonchalant attitude regarding it that betrays my horror, lest she catch on and this becomes yet another game to test my patience. And it works until an attendent arrives to take one of the critters out of their cage. Then I’m so out of there.

 After the rains here, she was out in the early evening hours, collecting slugs to go into the bug cage I got her. Slimy, icky slugs.

Just like slimy, icky spaghettios.


1 Response to “yech…”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust September 10, 2008 at 6:59 am

    true, but the slugs are going in a cage, where their slimy ickyness can be contained. the spaghettios are going in her mouth, which is not, as some parents will attest, a good place to put slimy icky things.

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