new baby

I’ve been busy most of the weekend preparing for my new baby, a two month old parakeet the kiddo has named Clinca, who was born with clubbed feet. I’ve never had a parakeet before. I’m kind of averse to having pets who are known to be trained to do all sorts of tricks. Then I feel obligated to do so, except, I won’t, because I find it insulting to the animal. I know nothing, really, of her condition. But just thinking of making this little ‘keet happy and comfortable does all sorts of wonderful things to me. He/She is an absolute darling, though understandably, very nervous. But pretty agile, in spite of the handicap. And today, Clinca hung out on my lap without flying away (which he can. Ok, I think it’s a he). But anyway, I’ve been thinking of various ways that I can make life more interesting and accessible for the sweetie. Kiddo is over the moon ‘cuz the ‘keet lives in her room for the time being.

I have lots of pictures and scans of all sorts of stuff I’ll be uploading soon. Ciao, for now.

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