“are you watching The Bachelorette tonight?!?”


“um, no.”

“what?! really?! do you have tv? cable?”

“well, no. I mean, we have a t.v., and we watch movies, but nope. No cable.” 

(Anymore. Besides, I hate shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette….yadayada. But I didn’t say that. And I thought what I did say sounded as really breezy and cheerful as I felt. So what happened next kind of surprised me.).

“Awwwww”, as Alla strokes the kiddo’s cheek, “I’m so sorry”.

Well that’s one I’ve never heard before. Sorry because I choose not to have cable? Poor deprived kiddo! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had cable on and off for years, but then it feels too much with me and I have to get rid of it. It becomes too distracting.  As if I don’t have enough of those. I just can’t swim through all of that. The only time I really wish I had cable is during the playoffs. But I grew up listening to baseball on the radio, so it’s not a really big deal.

I don’t judge those that do have cable or like t.v. though, and I certainly don’t judge dear Alla, who is a sweet older lady from Russia who loves to tell me what she’s watching, be it an evangelical hour, or some flick on a romance channel. She loves romance movies. And I think it’s sweet that she does. I wish I did. But I’m not a romantic, much. Alla is also a talented painter too. She charms me. I’ve just never had anyone’s pity regarding my lack of cable.

And then, the kiddo and I were all cuddled in bed together, with her snuggled tight in the crook of my arm, before we drift off in different directions and I make like a hurricane in my sleep.

“mmmmm….you know what you smell like????”

“no, what???”

“Fruit cocktail!!!!!”

Fruit cocktail? Fruit cocktail?!???? Sweet, the sentiment, but clearly, I need to change this deodorant. Though I’m quite fond of Dove lemongrass/grapefruit. I am not a fruit salad! I’m not! Actually, I think if I were going to smell like anything, I think I’d like to smell like pine needles. Not Christmas Tree pine needles. Nuh-uh. But like the dried pine needles underfoot in the woods on a long walk. Like in the Adirondacks, or the woods of my childhood. So comforting. I miss the Adirondacks.

Obligatory what am I reading since I’m not watching cable: The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution In Our Time, by Jonathan Weiner. Yeah, I picked it up because of the finch in the title. But it’s actually quite good. Elegantly written, and about the 20 year study of finches on the  Galapagos Islands; the island where it all began for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I like reading about how things come to be, especially when there’s a logical, useful idea behind it, as in natural selection, or another one of my favorite subjects, anthropology. I wish science and nature fascinated me in grade school as much as it does now. Pity.

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