been swimmin’

Best fifty bucks I ever spent. We’ve been at the pool whenever we can. Kiddo likes to watch me swim underwater. We need the relief. During the last heat wave here, the kiddo plopped a bag of frozen fries on her head and walked around, oblivious, through the parking lot.

Had my blood drawn today. Fasting glucose. I hate those things. Ugh. Done.

Been watching I’m Not There over the course of the weekend. I’m all over the map with it. What I’m most struck with is not the main character, but the photography, which has shades of Fellini, some Arbus, and mostly Robert Frank. I could have lived contentedly in the Beat era in particular. Maybe more than any other, actually.

Getting more birds tomorrow. Finches, of course. They’re a semi-rescue from a lady who has 17 birds. (!). I want a nice flock, in a really nice, wide cage, where they can fly, something social. Miles will probably always be my number 1 though. He’s the sweetest, smartest bird. My bird obsession; thing, whatever owes alot to Miles.

I’m doing a creativity experiment this summer and probably will post mostly once a week. No particular day. Regular peeps know already how much I love randomness. Still be around though. Hopefully with something to say. Maybe some show and tell. Maybe. Tease, I am.

Happy Summer!


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