our absence. We haven’t been around much, I know. My child has discovered her new calling. At the skateboard park. Yes, my moppet wants to be a skatie. It’s all she talks about the minute she wakes up. We found it right next to the pool where I’d planned for us to be hanging out at most of our summer. She’s lukewarm about that.

We’ve watched Charlotte’s Web so much, I caught myself sniffling at Charlotte’s demise yesterday. Even though her multiple eyes creeped me out. Did you know that Robert Redford plays a horse in the recent version? And what is Sam Shepard doing as the narrator? No, no, no. He’s supposed to remain frozen in time as Chuck Yeager, chasing Barbara Hershey on a horse in The Right Stuff. Hawt.

The kiddo herself loves bugs now. And shows everyone on the track every single caterpillar and arachnid she comes across, dead or alive. You know, the kiddo is often described as shy at school, but around here, everyone knows her, and what she’s feeling, at any given time. But instead of greeting people with a cordial wave and hello, she points, much to my embarrassment, and asks  “who ARE you?!?!”, in the sort of demanding tones usually reserved for armed interrogators. Must work on that.

We’ve been scarfing entirely too much chocolate. Painting each other’s toes. Laughing at the birds. The kiddo walked in on another mating between the two yesterday and asked me what was going on. “Oh, they’re just playing, sweetie,” I covered. “Ohhhhhhh…..they’re having a wedding, aren’t they, Mama!”.


Miles and Stella. Hmm. Miles is clearly a devoted suitor. He sings to his lady all day. Stays at her side on her swing throughout the night, though I know he prefers that nest he just built. He’s always working on that thing, pulling up the newspaper lining and giving me looks when he can’t manage it. Stella, she’s one cool customer, that hen. Makes him chase her, then ignores his serenades while munching delicately on a lettuce leaf. She’s as indifferent as Miles is intense. I watch her nonsense and I want to go at her beak to beak and say “whattsa matter, my boy is not good enough for you?!?!?!??”

Clearly, I have gone to the birds.

2 Responses to “pardon…”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust June 19, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    “Who ARE You?” seems appropriate given her fascination with bugs, given the Caterpillar asking the same question, in the same way, in “Alice in Wonderland.”

    I tried a skateboard one summer. of course, by that time, i was a young teenager, and my sedentary lifestyle was pretty well established, and standing on a moving thing with wheesls on the bottom was rather uncomfortable for mei imagine that if i had started younger I perhaps wouldn’t have grown into the troglodytic bookworm I am today, and would have instead been a healthier, more active bookworm

  2. 2 petitmuse June 20, 2008 at 1:22 am

    It’s never too late! I’m considering rollerblades, myself.

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