“15 Meow-Meows”

By Meow

That’s a composition the kiddo’s tapping out on the keyboard in electronic, synthesized mode. She’s doing a better job at it than me, so far. Want to learn, haven’t had the time.

She was meowing when she arrived at the school picnic yesterday. She does that when she’s feeling nervous or apprehensive in social situations. Which charms me (as many things the kiddo does), but is a concern of various educational professionals. It was admittedly a momentary consideration when she was set to take a turn down the aisle as the flower girl at my sister’s wedding. Truly, I feared she’d be growling or meowing at all as she passed by. But she didn’t.

I sought out Aaroon at the picnic, one of her buddies; and after, she was just fine, running about on the playground with him, hand in hand. Pity he won’t be in her grade next year, as he’s a year her junior. I sought out his mom for a get together, so they’ll have that summer long.

Aaroon’s mom is enthusiastic and a talker. Which is quite fine by me. I like talkers. They take the pressure off of my having to talk. I don’t get the obligation to verbalize in social situations; it’s caused a great deal of reactionary discomfort and misunderstanding on the part of those around me, most of my adult life. Which used to bewilder me, as it’s never anything hostile or snobbish toward anyone on my part. I’d like to think I’m democratic socially. It’s just a comfort zone that time has made even more so. Perhaps a genetic product of a shy father, or a learned accomodation to having a mother who talks all of the time, except when she’s sleeping. I try to compensate with my ear though.

According to her teacher, my kiddo’s a popular classmate. Kids; boys, fight over her. Ha. Aaroon reports to his mother when she picks him up that “that Zachary, he’s no good. He takes her away from me.” I think the kiddo slightly favors Zach, but I strongly suspect that Aaroon has been the inspiration for the kiddo’s Spiderman fixation. If it’s not the kiddo, then the webman is all he talks about.

There’s little that makes me as happy as I feel when I watch the kiddo playing with other little people. Finally. As difficult as it was for me to let go of her prior to her beginning her education, this was a much needed step. It was not easy to follow through when she begged and cried to stay home. Sometimes she still does; the little homebody. But on some level, she’s got to put it out there; be a part of it. She’s got so much to offer. She’ll find her level, in time.


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