Got a new twinkle

in my eye. Her name is Stella. As in, Stella by Starlight (lovely song, especially Ray Charles’s version), not Stellllllllaaaaaaa! Forgive me, but my camera is still broken and unreplaced. She looks like this. Champagne colored; elegant. Beautiful. She prefers so far to perch aloft on a swing, poised like some lady of old aristocracy. I hope Miles finds her as bewitching as the song.

Felix…is in the freezer, triple sealed and surrounded by flowers in his little box. Before you think I’m all strange, weird, and ghoulish ala Jeffrey Dahmer, (I did have a junior high school art teacher who used to freeze dead birds she found to take out later and render…and I indeed thought THAT was a bit odd, then. Strange lady. Wonderful artist.), I’ll just say that I can’t deal with another interment today. This will be three birds I have buried in three weeks (found a blue jay with a broken neck in the yard this weekend. Their feathers are much more brilliantly blue up close, by the way). Another round of endless little talks with the kiddo about the Big Questions. Where’s Rosella Bella when you need her?

1 Response to “Got a new twinkle”

  1. 1 Holly June 5, 2008 at 6:35 am

    Aww. I’m sorry.

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