I’ve been attempting to get the kiddo to do some daily yoga with me. I need to get the edge off and figured it would qualify as nice Mommy and Me time. She always evades me with “tomorrow, maybe”. Which never comes. The kiddo often employs this sort of evasiveness instead of outright defiance when she doesn’t want to do something like, say, pick up her toys. So civil, she is, as though she were pondering not a direct order from her authority, but rather, an invitation to tea. Maddening.

Tonight, I took her out in her cozy coupe to the school out in back of our neighborhood. It’s a nice area where people often walk their dogs. We saw a miniature Doberman. I had no idea this breed had gone miniature too. Cute. My favorite breed, the Boston Terrier, is already quite miniature enough. If they ever miniaturize the Rotties, another favorite, it will be a crying shame. They are such beautiful, magnificently built dogs. I think the effect of their power and strength would be lost in miniature.

Anyhoo, she discovered the track. Voila! A new activity…let’s see how many times we can run around the track underneath the hurdles! Four times. Without breaking a sweat. Smiling the entire time, looking absolutely beautiful and in the moment.  I’m impressed. She’s besotted.


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