spring is the time…

for changes.

And thunk goes the cliche. But it’s funny how these truths kind of tap you on the shoulder and remind you.

The finches are moulting. Quite natural. Except I forgot that they do that. The two sleep together, tucked inside their little cigar box high above their perches, which is very dear and melts my heart. They’ve been doing that alot though. And eating less. Flying less. Doing everything else less, actually. So quiet. But it was their puffiness, this porcupine-feather thing they had going on  that had me alarmed. I added up all the changes and wondered if they were goners!

After some research, and noting evidence of feathers on their floor, this seems to be what’s at hand. It’s why they are pulling at their feathers, and at each other’s; grooming excessively. It’s a stress on birds when they moult. Poor things. Of course it is. Losing anything, for better or worse, is a big adjustment. But they’ll have even more beautiful, bright feathers to show for it.

Research has also confirmed that Felix is indeed male, but geriatric, owing to the faded color of his beak, which is rather discrepit, and might also suggest malnutrition in his past.  It would explain why Miles so easily assumed the role of alpha-male. Felix has always seemed the more docile and the weaker of the two. Well, now I know. I just love the way these two, unlike any of my other pets since Friday and Charlie, are so clearly bonded. Good for them.

If I seem a bit obssessive with my animals, well, perhaps I am. My late sister Wallado (not of course, her real name…Pentyne christened her as such when she was learning to talk) and I had a cat named Baby when we lived together a long time ago. One day, Wallado brought Baby in from the petshop, and that was that. It was so easy to name her, she really was a baby. I used to let her eat pizza at the table. On her own plate. This did not go over well with Wallado’s strict sense of propriety; but then, I’ve seen taped evidence of Wallado singing Happy Birthday to her crazy dog Jade, and presenting her with her own doggy birthday cake. I think everyone present was wearing birthday hats, if memory serves correctly. My  birds are prepared a three course meal of  eggs, brown  rice and a veggie, everyday, in addition to their seed and millet sprays. I think my animals were the children I had before I realized that I might actually want a child.

How is your spring going, peeps? Our garden is nearly planted, and we’ll be setting up our hummingbird feeder. I highly recommend hummingbird feeders. They are so much fun to watch. I’ve missed the hummingbirds, bless them. Anyhoo, happy spring!


2 Responses to “spring is the time…”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust May 30, 2008 at 7:30 am

    spring is not going well over at the Lab. I”ve already given up on it and am waiting for summer, when I skip town for a few weeks to go hang out with my crazy faux-UFO-cult friends (UFFaux-cult, perhaps?)

  2. 2 petitmuse May 30, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    I keep telling myself that things will get incrementally better. Actually, they are. But not as well as I would like. We’ve had a lot of ground to make up.

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