Isn’t it unnerving when an actor you’ve just watched in a recent movie dies? I’ve always enjoyed seeing Sydney Pollack pop up somewhere in a movie. Sometimes, that was the only enjoyable experience that registered (um, Eyes Wide Shut). He was so good at playing lawyers, and there he was in Michael Clayton (excellent). And now he’s gone.

For me it will be a strange day when Paul Newman isn’t with us anymore. A world without Paul Newman? Unimagineable!  I have no real interest in knowing celebrities personally, but he’s someone I think I’d actually like. A generous soul with a sense of humor. There are no eyes that twinkle like his, and Nobody’s Fool, among so many other great movies of his, holds a soft spot in my heart. I’ve enjoyed the glee he took in his bad guy characters (Hudsucker Proxy). He gave the distinct impression that he was having an absolute blast.


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