what are we reading?

our reading list:

The Baby Beebee Bird: I found this treasure on the um, street, across from the kiddo’s pre-school. Right next to  the rusty old wheelbarrow I grabbed to use as a planter. I can’t bear to see books on the side of the road. Anyhoo, this one’s an absolute, thoroughly charming read. We have the original version, with the simple, naive and sweet illustrations.

The Library Lion: This is an established favorite of the kiddo’s. It’s sweet and dear, and just the book for a tyke who believes herself to be a lion. This one was given to us by a thoughtful and kind lady whom we’ve never met. I love all things that have a story behind them.

Ode Magazine: For me. A recent subscription and a publication that addresses all the things that matter to me–the environment, fair trade, spirituality—applied on a social scale; the bigger picture. I always look forward to it. Though, judging by the letters to the editor, some of its readership is a bit bit on the flaky, touchy, over the top side.

Candide: Can’t believe a Francophile such as myself ignored this for so long, but then, when it comes to literature, I prefer the lyric sensuality, social mindedness, and vivid imagination of the Indian and Latin writers. I happen to adore satire, however, and this certainly does not disappoint. It was recommended to me by a lady who plopped herself down in the courtroom next to me  last time and just started talking. I’m glad she did.


2 Responses to “what are we reading?”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust May 23, 2008 at 7:12 am

    i think i shall do a similar post. I’ve heard good things about Candide, but somehow, after years of studying Literature-with-a-capital-L, i stopped reading it. probably because the professor who influenced me most was of the idea that the trashy genre pop-culture stuff that people who are not professional literary scholars actually read is more worthy of academic scrutiny than the stuff that only lit-people read, because it is more socially relevant.

    this from a man with a PhD in William Blake. I still love the irony of that after all these years.

  1. 1 Literature at the Labs « Holocaust Labs Trackback on May 23, 2008 at 7:56 am

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