my kiddo…

….now declares herself to be The Last Blue Dangerous Scallop. I have no idea what became of all the other apparently extinct blue scallops, but this one runs down the street, branch/sword in hand, proclaiming “Chaaaaaaarge!”, and screaming out brutal, devious plans to slice her enemies (us people) up. I feel I got more than what I bargained for when I conceived this one.

She found the first lily of the valley of the season today. In someone else’s yard.

And she’s gotten crafty. Whenever she’s being disciplined, she has come to conveniently plead for Rosella Bella. Mom has recently been “allowed” to read her bedtime stories though. I seriously wondered today whether a wedding invitation will be extended to Ms. Bella when the time comes.


1 Response to “my kiddo…”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust May 15, 2008 at 5:50 am

    toldja. rocks with goo in the middle. not natural, and therefore Dangerous, as the kiddo has pointed out.

    My mom, if i sent her a wedding invite, would realize it for the april fool’s prank it was and then scold me for sending a fake wedding invite to my grandma. then dad would admit it was a good joke and thank me for giving some of the in-laws heart attacks.

    hey… that IS a good idea for a prank… teehee!

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