The room is oddly quiet and I’m sitting at my desk.

“Look! Just like Mama! See!”


She is positively preening. But something’s just not right.


She did it. She hit another milestone. The one in which we get crazy with a pair of scissors and make them do an imitation of a lawn mower on our own hair.

I had no idea that my hair, the model upon which the kiddo designed her own coiffure, was this…..short.

To be fair, it was a rather even cut, ‘cept in the back where she couldn’t reach. Taken with a night of sleep and after noting, with relief, that this ‘do happened after her star turn at my sister’s wedding, I was left with a brutal truth. It wasn’t her hair that horrified me. With some minor touching up, it looks flattering; even becoming, to her personality. She now looks like the cute little moppet she is.

Nope, the shock lay in a more complicated place where the ego and the heart mingle and become a salty mixture of pride and hurt. She used to ask me to cut her hair.


It’s been an up and down week, emotionally. The onset of cold and rainy weather, barking ankles, and another upcoming, fun-filled date in the Deciding Room have run amok with my emotions. Last night, I was up until 3 AM watching the four hanky melodrama, The End of the Affair (the Ralph Feinnes version, of course!), and bawling uncontrollably when Julianne Moore laments upon loving, anyway, what’s unseen. She was talking about God. I lost it.

Now, I’m actually taking a break from tearing apart my kitchen, reorganizing the whole thing top to bottom, and giving it a good scrubbing; my usual therapy when things need to be put back together in my head and set to right. It’s working…. fortified with copious doses of Diet Pepsi Max (a recent embrace), and my latest version of heaven, Green & Black organic chocolate almond candy bars. I bow to the makers of this very fine confection. There should be a special place….somewhere…for chocolate therapists.


1 Response to “what…..did…you…..DO?!???”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust May 4, 2008 at 8:01 am

    chocolate therapists like therapists made out of chocolate> I’ll take two. I will pose them comedically as I gradually eat away at them. brains first, of course, indulging my fascinations with zombies and cannibalism and whatnot as I go, definitely playing with my food.

    therapists who treat with chocolate? i think they call those Chcoolatiers, and finer candy shops do have them.

    as for the Kiddo showing some initiative in hair-clippery, it could be that she wants to do what you do, to imitiate you, as suggested by her attempt at imitating your hairstyle.

    it is through imitating parents that people learn stuff, after all, so perhaps this is a good thing.

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