The kiddo has adopted another pet. It’s a ladybug she found in the doorway a day ago. She made quite the crib for it out of a toy baking tray, a bed made out of a soda cap, and she even gave it a nice little rock to hang out around. Unfortunately, it  hasn’t moved this afternoon, and I fear the worst. I’ve been avoiding the issue. This is because last night, while we were watching a movie, ladybug got out and was lost in the quilted throw we were snuggled under. Havoc and drama ensued…”Ladybug, ladybug, come back! WAAAAAAH!!!! I’ve lost my ladybuggggggg! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” And then, nothing short of a miracle….I found the thing, right in the folds of the blanket. Thank heavens. And now, this…this demise. Ugh,  I can’t revisit this drama again, so soon.

I’ve been working with her on reading. Just the three letter words. It’s been more enjoyable than I’d expected; never saw myself doing things like this and liking it. She gets frustrated at times, but she’s making progress and when I suggest a break, she refuses. I’m sure teachers experience this, but I can see she’s just on the brink of a breakthrough. I know she’s going to LOVE reading. I told my mom after I learned to read that I could read anything, and there I went, after that.

She’s discovered…Spiderman. She walks around with me casting spiderwebs from her fingers, anywhere we go. I didn’t see this coming. She also, to my delight, has expressed an interest in karate, which I think would be a good thing for her in the fall.

Our lives are busy with us both being in school (and she loves that Mama goes to school), but it’s settling down at the same time. I feel as though we’ve turned a corner of sorts.

See you tomorrow, peeps!



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  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust April 11, 2008 at 6:56 am

    The spiderman fascination could be handy. the Parents imbued me with the capability to read by way of the standard teaching materials, printed on this sort of nigh-indestructible laminated bulletproof cardboard material, which meant the books were still in top shape a decade after when my sister was ready to start reading, but to impart in me the DESIRE to read, the thirst for lore, they gave me comic books. Many, many comic books, and for this I am eternally grateful.

    Haven’t done the superhero books in a long time, though. Wouldn’t know what to reccomend for a Spiderman-enamored Kiddo. there’s probably some graphic novels out there comprised of his earlier, kid-friendly adventures when the Kiddo is ready.

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