spring harbinger

Once again it’s spring training and I find myself both admiring and coveting the Red Sox pitching staff, and hoping great things for our own young phenoms, Phillip Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. It will be fun to watch, as I will, parked on my couch or by my radio, alongside my kiddo and the kitties. As much as I wish that my team could make a deal for Johan Santana, I’m happy that the era of breaking the bank and the farm system is over. Finally, there’s a front office that can hold off and have faith in the future.

I love baseball because it’s more than just a game to me. I love the process. And I see metaphors, though I promise no bad baseball movies will come about from them.

Great hitters and great pitchers make adjustments all the time, given whatever fluctuating circumstances. Fail six times out of every ten at-bats, and  you’re considered a success. And then there’s the wild cards…the hit and run, the squeeze play, and  double steals that make things interesting and unpredictable. I don’t believe in all or nothing in most situations anymore, I see more shades of grey and value a consistent approach to my undertakings. The team who is consistent is usually the team at the top when the long season ends. I’m finding that when I hit challenging situations, I  make adjustments too.

Still, I live for the wild card.


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