tv for cats

This weekend I did it. I broke down and rescued bought two little zebra finches at a deeply discounted rate for the kiddo and I. They were being kicked out of the pet store so that the shop could sell more dogs! Practically homeless! Couldn’t have that.  So now, my house sounds a little like being outdoors, complete with birdsong. Heavenly. We named them Miles and Felix. They look like this.  Then, when we stopped at Petco the next day for some bird swings, the kiddo begged for a ferret. But we didn’t get one. And we are not. I haven’t the energy nor the patience for a ferret. Between ferrets and the swimming turtles, we were in there for at least an hour. I’m hooked on finches now and the cats are absolutely mesmerized by these guys. Nelly has stopped slacking around upstairs and rediscovered her inner hunter. I have to be very, very careful. I found her on top of their covered birdcage this morning. We’ll have none of that, missy!

It was a good weekend aftera busy week. Our life has become a bit centered upon kindergarten readiness. Meetings. “Fairs”. She gets closer to ready everyday. I’m told by her teachers that she is the top artist in her class, quite precocious. I will enroll her in the public school here and see what becomes of it. I still have my heart set on a Steiner/Waldorf education, but lacking that in these parts, I may have to supplement that myself after more research.

Life is good. Life gets better. Au revoir, amies!


6 Responses to “tv for cats”

  1. 1 Doktor Holocaust March 4, 2008 at 9:16 am

    back when i had roommates, it was in a household with many cats and some birds. the cats did indeed spend much time lounging atom the birdcages when they could get into the room that had them (birds were in one specific room that usually had the door closed), but the birds didn’t mind, and often came out to visit the rest of the house perched atop someone’s shoulder without getting hunted.

    these were indoor/outdoor cats, though, and had somehow gotten the hint that hunting is only for outside.

    on a different note – Ma Holocaust has long had an assortment of vicious attack parrots that, much like my late cat Fireball, hated everyone that wasn’t their owner and devised all manner of tortures for the non-Mom people of the world. I’m still afraid of those birds.

  2. 2 petitmuse March 4, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    The cats are amusing when they sit side by side on my desk in front of the bird stand, moving their heads back and forth in unison, as though in some sort of trance. But I can’t trust them alone anymore, so they get a special room when I’m gone or asleep. Nelly, the female, is very sweet but has balls of steel…so bold! Finn, who’s 13 years old, mostly imagines himself hunting, I think.
    The birds are darling and very entertaining. I’ve read that they don’t like being handled much, so it’s enough just to watch and listen to them. I don’t think I could ever own a parrot, though we’ve visited them at the pet shop per the kiddo’s requests. Their beaks and feet scare me enough.

  3. 3 Bets March 4, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    but doesn’t it break your heart that they can’t fly free? To never feel the wind in their wings again? 😦
    I love looking at prettie birdies at the pet store, but they nearly make me cry.

  4. 4 petitmuse March 4, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    You have a point, and I admit to having had similar feelings. On the other hand, they were bred that way, it’s not like I caught it outside and expected them to be satisfied with a cage. These birds were going to be sold anyway, and in this case, if not sold, who knows where they would end up? If they are to be anywhere, they are in loving and kind hands. That said, I am considering letting them fly around in one of the cat free rooms once I’m used to them periodically. It’s not outside, but it’s something.

    *I just wanted to add that if this reply sounds as though I’m taking this wayyyyy personally, know that I’m not. I’m having a bit of trouble expressing philosphical sympathies vs. the reality of this particular situation.

  5. 5 Doktor Holocaust March 5, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    i think the authors of one of my favorite webcomics sum it up nicely in the title to one of their books. “Birds are weird.”

    i am told that parrots have massive claws and large, bolt-cutter-like beaks because they developed in the wild for eating nuts. I often respond by pointing out that many birds of prey also have large claws and strong, sharp beaks, but are more likely to go for an unguarded appendage than Planter’s Mixed Nuts.

  6. 6 Gertibird March 11, 2008 at 5:49 am

    That is one of my favorite dog vs. cat paragraphs EVER!

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