For the second night in a row, the kiddo slept in her own bed. My bed never seemed so big. This time, she decided on her own to retire to her own room instead of mine. Her only condition was that the chimes, those crazy ones on my clock that I’d mentioned before, were played. Her first words this morning were “the chimes aren’t on, Mama.” Nothing gets by this kid.

I’ll admit to wondering, in moments of exhaustion,  if I’d ever have my bed to myself again after five years of this. At the same time, I truly believe in child led development, which includes educational pursuits as well. My sense of trust and my own experience long ago informs that. To hell with anyone else’s schedule.

She’s out sledding right now, right outside where I can see her. The snow is hard and crunchy, perfectly slick for sledding. Our only plans after this is to paint and glue stuff all day.

Happy Saturday.


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