la di dah

or perhaps that was not a good title choice. I’ll probably get a ton of people searching for some obscure reason why Annie Hall says that in the movie. Eh…I rather liked Annie, anyway.

But that’s the way I feel this weekend, this first weekend that I’ve utterly enjoyed in lazy fashion in a long time, even though the kiddo and I are both nursing lingering colds. I’ve had mine since Christmas. We napped a lot. And then today we both woke up at an ungodly early hour of the morning and ate banana blueberry pancakes in the dark, with a side of peaches for you know who. And then we shopped. I actually like taking my kid with me if I’m not in a hurry. She always finds something that I’ve either forgotten to put on the list, or she’ll find something really cool.

I got excited today, for about a minute, when I found peony shower gel. Pretty smelling toiletries make me weak in the knees. But it didn’t smell much like peonies, didn’t smell as though it were even trying to come close. Peonies. I could have cried when I moved back home years ago and discovered that my mom had torn out all of the peonies lining a stone wall and installed in their place…rabbit hutches. Peonies, for those that don’t know, can live as long as some trees.

I’m digging cotton/linen scented things these days, even if  I doubt they actually smell like a cotton blossom…they do smell clean though. I have friends who scoff at the bath, but for years it’s been therapy for me. Showers seem too rushed and anticeptic. To that they’ll tell me that I’m basically stewing in my own filth, but just how dirty do people get in the modern world? Or are they trying to tell me something?

During the holidays, I was delighted to find a wine shop that actually had a very respectable selection of Reislings from all over the place, except the location I was actually looking for. Washington, California, and of course Germany were represented, but nothing from the Great Lakes. I’m from New York and I’ve never had Reisling from the Great Lakes. I lauded the owner on the selection, but let him know how dismayed I was that there was no Great Lake offerings. And he won’t order any cuz he’s trying to promote Connecticut wine and anything coming from somewhere as close as New York would rile the local vintners. Meen!

Does anyone else get the feeling that New England winters are slowly heading toward being the new Florida? We have barely any snow and the kiddo is dancing around singing “look Mama, new spring grass!” ala Bambi and breaking out into the raindrop song.


2 Responses to “la di dah”

  1. 1 Bets January 14, 2008 at 8:22 am

    Speaking of a warm winter… the Redbuds are in full bloom here! They are doomed. Poor little trees.

  2. 2 petitmuse January 14, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    The sap has been flowing early this year, not that it bothers the sugar houses.

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