short update

hello, hello…

just a short update on my life right now. we’ve moved to a beautiful place up north of our state, in a quaint, funky little town tucked amidst beautiful rolling hills and a twisty river or creek(haven’t figured out which one it is)  that seems to follow us wherever we go. It’s very much a walking town, which delights me.

The kiddo is having a blast. She should, because she’s found her people. Meaning, little ones like her. She does all sorts of age appropriate things like fighting over toys, sharing candy, and conspiring to get into all sorts of trouble. She’s pretty happy.

I am knee deep in job searching. I’m ready. So very ready.

I watched my first football game in years last night….Colts vs. Patriots. I still could figure out what was going on; no problem there. It was a great game.  Oddly enough, though I adore New England, I can’t bring myself to root for their teams.  Rooting for the Pats was too close to rooting for the Red Sox for some reason. Don’t ask me to explain it. There’s just still a lot of New York in me, I guess.

I’ve thought all season long that this wasn’t the Yank’s year, though I hoped to be wrong. Their pitching staff just wasn’t there yet. I have a lot of faith in next year’s young phenoms. And I’ve thought Joe Girardi was elite managing material even in his playing days…many catchers are. It’s going to be so very strange not seeing Joe Torre, who represented for me all that was classy about NY, around. Sigh. I won’t miss Arod though, natch. So long, diva.

That’s all for now.


2 Responses to “short update”

  1. 1 Gabriel... November 8, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    When it became clear Mr. Torre wasn’t coming back I can remember being a little shocked when the sports dudes said he had only been manager of the Yankees for only eleven or twelve years. The guy just looked like a Yankee…

    I’m glad your Village is offering you possibilities. Whether it’s through this blog, or maybe a switch to another or even a move into a new direction entirely, I hope you can find places there to enjoy long pauses from the “appointments and obligations”.

  2. 2 Doktor Holocaust November 10, 2007 at 4:41 pm

    Good luck on the jobhunt. Maybe Kiddo can be a good influence on her peers and get them snacking on vegetables and drinking the juice straight from a tomato.

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