Not surprised…

that David Byrne rides a bike all over the city. Because David is a cool guy. Whose music is still, well, cool. Even the kiddo, who hates most of my music, likes The Talking Heads. In addition to The Clash, Fiona Apple and David Bowie. The rest of it she squawks over (turn if awwwwwfffff, Mama!), which ruins my listening experience. Her favorite music is the kind that “sounds like a party, Mama.”

So many people bike here, young and old, I’m happy to say. As do I, for all of my in-town errands and playground stops. I love seeing older people on a bike…there’s something delightfully childlike about riding a bike. I hope I’m one of those old ladies flying down hills on her bike past little children. Or, maybe zipping around on a little Vespa. I’ve been lusting for one of those. I like feeling the wind on my face.

I’m surprised that I haven’t been around here as much as I thought, because I thought of blogging almost every day while I was away. I’m kind of inwardly frustrated when I don’t write; off… But lately when I think of actually writing something, I draw a complete blank. And it’s not as though there’s nothing to write about; there’s plenty going on here, but mostly it’s all about transition, something I don’t like to comment on until I’m done transitioning. Does that sound mysterious? Not my intent. But the stuff I’m transitioning through, I write to get away from. When I find my sense of humor and am back to my amused self again, there’ll be more posts.

I can’t wait.


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