on a snowy day…

in New England, I feel so little motivation for doing anything. The kiddo and I are just watching the snow fall soft like drifting feathers, all wispy like. I am listening to Kate Bush’s ArialBertie reminds me of how I feel about the kiddo’s presence in my life. I didn’t think it would snow again this season, but I’m glad that it did. I needed just a little bit more. I went walking yesterday, early in the morning on Sunday with the kiddo, who amused herself with the ice glazed thinly over puddles of water along the sidewalks. She loves to crack it into shards and chirp on about the thin ice. My favorite walks are in the early, early morning, when no one is up, or just about evening, when the light starts shifting.

I have caught a whiff of spring coming on in the air, which inspired a rather involved and disruptive rearranging of furniture. Still figuring out the space here, after six months. But I like it here. It’s smaller than the old place, but the rooms are quiet and the lines are clean, without the open floor plan that the old place had. That got overwhelming…I’m the kind of person who needs to close the door when I feel the need. Anyhoo, my house feel less like a stuffy congested nose in spots, with more flow.

Flow is good.


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