hello, hello,

not much to say lately, though so much to do. Snowmen to make. Projects to sew. And embroider…I’ve been obsessed with redwork lately….which is basically outlines of things, sewn in red. Or green, or black, or blue. I’ve been stuck on red. Red, red, red. Birds. Tree branches. Little designs that I pull up in photoshop and trace off of my monitor, and then transfer onto my cloth. I’ve been in need of tactile things to do lately, soft things.

The kiddo is happy and terribly bouncy. She prefers to be called Max these days, after some cute little bunny on a show she likes. Dear Mom would be so pleased. Did I ever tell you that my mother loves bunnies? Loves them. She once had seven or so. Now she has two. And five or six cats. I lose count. Though she’s not mad about cats, she’s just a softie when it comes to animals in need of a home. We must go visit the kitties and bunnies sometime soon. Oh, and yesterday, we got this cute little toy…it’s a climb and slide thing from the ’80’s that I’ve had on my ebay search list forever…basically, little seals climb up stairs and slide down a twisty ramp. It takes so little to amuse me. But I let Max play with it too.

I’ve also been watching movies. Though nothing I particularly like. I looked so forward to Marie Antoinette, but all it did was make me crave cupcakes and other pretty confections. It was a pretty movie but lacked the sneak-up-on-you magic of Lost In Translation. I think Sofia works best with subtlety and things that pass in a whisper. This subject is hardly either. Then there was Running With Scissors, about one of my favorite subjects, crazy odd families. And I wanted to like this too, but though it had its charms, like Annette Bening’s performance, and the Natalie character, it just seemed to add up to nothing. In the end, I just didn’t care. Eh. But, I have Babel in the que, and after that the Carnivale season 2 series, which I’d never caught when it was on HBO. If anyone has seen anthing actually good, please…pass it along!

I’ll leave you with this.

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  1. 1 doktorholocaust March 1, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    A good tv series on DVD? “The Adventures of Pete and Pete.” I dunno where you’re getting you’re discs, but both seasons can be had off Amazon.com for a reasonable price. It was a series from the 90’s that unveiled the secret, weird, warped, psychedelic underbelly of Suburbia. It has marked me indelibly.

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