what to do, what to do

Every so often, and more often as the kiddo grows, I find myself contemplating just what I’m going to do when she goes off to school. Though I can always use the cash, my criteria for the ideal job/career has changed. A creative outlet is certainly high up on my list. I could always go back to graphic design. And then there’s photography. Writing. I miss the newspaper, but it’s such a shaky industry right now, it’s not a real option. It was ideal while I had it though, since I got to do everything I wanted to do, which was to write, design and take pictures. It kind of fit me well. I believe you have to be a little, uh, different to work at a newspaper. Mr. McEnroe certainly fits.

I’ve recently become intrigued with the idea of teaching workshops to adults, in mixed media, perhaps, or something similar. It’s creative, flexible, and I’d get to share something I love. Some instructors even offer package deals in some idyllic spot in say, Tuscany, or at some mountain resort, or on a cruise ship. That would certainly qualify as a fringe benefit.

We’ll see. There’s still some time. I do know that I would love to have job with some laughter, if there’s such a job. See, I’ve gotten used to daily doses of it at this current gig. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. I’ve been lucky. And it’s tough to beat a gig where I can stop and do this in the middle of the day:

This is her favorite thing to do together now. Well, besides painting. It’s so relaxing, and she loves it. She colors with both her right and left hands. It’s been suggested that she needs to improve her coloring between the lines, but to that I say, bah! It’s all about the experience right now…just getting down and making her mark and playing with the colors.

Moving along, I’m so looking forward to the return tonight of Lost. I don’t know if any of you are fans, but the hiatus was awful. As bad as the Sopranos.

For now, I must attend to my dirty oven, which waits for a good scrubdown. Envy me?


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