YouTube is crack

and I’m hooked. I’m so slow to warm up to these things. Especially with a slow connection. There are some fun faboo things there though. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite discoveries.

First I was delighted beyond belief to find old clips of my cousin Tommy’s old cult band, Goober and The Peas, out of Detroit. I first met them almost twenty years ago at Tommy’s sister Beth’s wedding at the post-reception party. They are a bit of an acquired taste, and definitely best taken with a sense of humor. I found the old crowd favorite, Hot Women, Cold Beer, and the clever little Funky Cowboy. I hope someone finds my personal favorite, Don’t Be Afraid sometime. I was sad when they parted ways, but lead singer Dan Miller met wife Tracee and went on to form the group Blanche, with the same dark humor twisting through all of their songs, and of course, former drummer Jack White formed the White Stripes. The Peas were definitely a highlight for me after a long, ten hour straight trip in a car with three chainsmoking relatives who wouldn’t roll the windows down because they needed the air conditioning (!). Gag.

Edie Sedgwick

Then there’s one of my teen fashion idols, Edie Sedgwick, the subject of the upcoming flick Factory Girl, which I won’t see. I can’t bear to see icons imitated onscreen. It’s never the same. Anyhooo, I discovered Edie in a book of the same name, the biography by Jean Stein. In my high school library. Edie was a Warhol superstar, and in my opinion, the most charismatic and beautiful; innocent, decadent, and fey all at the same time. As well as a talented sculptor pre-Warhol. Later, I met a friend, Lynn who looked almost exactly like her, but without all of the makeup and jewelry. Wonder what she’s up to. Anyway, there’s a plethora of montages of Edie over at YouTube. This one’s my favorite.


1 Response to “YouTube is crack”

  1. 1 T February 3, 2007 at 2:23 am

    Maddie definitely would agree-she loves watching/reach anime and would do so all day long.

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