look Ma, I’m evolving

So the kiddo celebrates a birthday this week. Her fourth. She has very specific ideas regarding how she wants to celebrate this one. Though I’d suggested an ice cream cake, the kiddo insists it will be a yellow cake, with yellow frosting. And blue candles. Surrounded with plenty of balloons. And hats. Her one gift request has had me in a bit of a tizzy. It’s this:

A bulbasaur. From Pokemon. A series that I find unwatchable, with it’s bad animation and drawing quality chief among my complaints. However, I am amused to notice that the kiddo’s favorite pokemon, the one she loves to imitate every day, has a neat little trick. It “evolves”…the bud on its back blooms into two other stages,flowering and giving it power to manipulate nature, evidently. And this is what the kiddo loves to imitate in her play…”evolving”. She’ll poke me several times a day, drop to the ground or flop on the bed, and announce “I’m evolving”, while her body quivers and shakes in imaginary transformation. Which is rather Aquarian of her.

Since this line of toys is retired and Bulbasaur is apparently still a highly sought out collectible, it’s been a bitch to obtain. I turned to Ebay, natch. It’s not terribly expensive, however, I’m not used to competition in the bidding process. I’ve been through five auctions and have been beaten out four times before finally winning the prize. Oh well.

I stayed up last night doing something I don’t usually do: watched the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I was up with a project and noticed that Diane Keaton was on. With pictures of her adorable fat dog, whom she’d run over once accidently in her driveway. Miraculously, he’d emerged unscathed because his fat protected his bones from breaking.

Every time I see Diane Keaton, I’m struck by how much my sister T resembles her, both physically and in demeanor. I’d never thought of T. that way until I’d seen Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give ( unfortunately, I didn’t care for the film, which was rare for me and a Keaton flick). Then it all unfolded in front of me. The flittering conversation where the subject changes like shifting bird flight patterns. The airy hand gesticulations. And the girlish embarrassment. Definitely a T. trait. T’s always, always been that way…even through an excruciatingly heavy and emotionally wrought childhood; even with a demanding job and four children…T. can still be described as lightness in every way. I have never possessed that lightness. I carry everything. I was sullen girl from the cradle. If I had friends, T. made them first. Then I’d come around and kind of…approve and hang out on the fringe, feigning disinterest in anything unless I was in charge.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, except that it’s good to be T, who I know is blushing, then sheepishly grinning and looking away while she’s reading this. Aren’t you, T?


5 Responses to “look Ma, I’m evolving”

  1. 1 Betty Lou January 31, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    I’m so sad I didn’t know it was Emm’s birthday. I would have sent a present! I still need to get the hot chocolate in the mail and I’ll scrape together some other little trinket. I have something in mind I made a long time ago, I just have to put my finger on it. Miss you. B
    p.s. Who is Dr. H? Do you know him?

  2. 2 petitmuse January 31, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    oh, sweetie, you don’t need to send anything…really, she has EVERYTHING! You are so sweet, and I miss you, too. Check your email.

  3. 3 T February 1, 2007 at 6:49 am

    You are sweet to say the things you wrote-blush I did, then burst out laughing…you used to compare me to boring old Mary on Little House on the Prairie and I would get incensed because there was more to me (I thought) than moralistic obedience. I’ve stepped up in the world: )

    Diane Keaton is one of my faves and I watch her recent movies with eager anticipation…can’t wait to see the new one. Something’s Gotta Give is one I’ve watched probably 10 times so far. I think you are like the sister, personally, and she has a lot more fun with her life-I envy you that. Kiss the kiddo for me-her present will be sent in the mail this weekend hopefully, along with your seriously belated present as well.

  4. 4 doktorholocaust February 1, 2007 at 7:46 am

    Bulbasaur… I remember when Pokemon first came out, mutant bastard spawn of video game god Shigeru Miyamoto and the Wizards of the Coast guy who designed Magic: The Gathering. They took Miyamoto’s knack for creating cute, easy to draw, memorable characters (He invented the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises for nintendo) with the obsessive gottacatchemall collecty hoardy crazy-fanboy-food generation powers of the inventor of what was once the world’s first collectible card game, and made Nintendo a buttload of money.

    Back then, my girlfriend and i had this joke about bulbasaur… something not appropriate to repeat around the kiddo. suffice to say, the little plant-dinosaur-thing inspired a new breed of pokemon that only existed as a sort of in-joke between us.

    I don’t know who Diane Keaton is, or didn’t, until I did some poking at IMDB. it turns out that I probably don’t remember her because I’ve only ever seen one movie with her in it, on cable, when i was but a little Holocaust. “Baby Boom,” unfortunately. I rarely associate names with celebrities outside of Johnny Depp and a few other Tim-Burton-Movie people. most of them are just “That guy/girl/kid in [insert movie here],” as I rarely take an interest in who they are. It’s who they’re pretending to be that interests me. it gets complicated when there are several actors who play the same character, like Batman. There is Adam West, who is named because he is Batman the First, Bearer of the Chin. then there are other assorted nameless Batmen, whose primary job was just to hold the cape and cowl up while the special effects guys did their thing, and then there is Christian Bale, who has a name because he was also in Equilibrium, which I like, and American Psycho, which I have wanted to see for a while but haven’t gotten around to. James bond is similar, played by Sean Connery and Guys Pretending To Be Sean Connery.

  5. 5 petitmuse February 1, 2007 at 8:06 am

    too T:
    just don’t go running over Jericho, k? ;>

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