happy new year

or, merry new year. I like that too.

I hope you all have some good things to look forward to during the new year. And I wish it wasn’t raining and dark out, dammit. My paperwhites bloomed today…what a pretty way to be greeted on the first day. But no picture without good light. They are small, dainty, and delicate. I love little things. Hence, my blog title.

No resolutions. I’m not really big on that. I try to just learn and do new things every year, and keep on keeping on. Good enough.

This little blurb on Oprah’s experience with American school children and charity intrigued me. I think it’s great that she’s investing in Africa. But I think she’s at least half wrong on American youth. If she truly thinks that all of America’s youth are only interested in ipods and expensive sneakers, she hasn’t visited the right places. I would suggest she consider places like Girl’s and Boy’s clubs, community centers, and alternative centers like The Door, where I worked…places where kids  who are actually looking for something more, or different go. Where I worked at the Door, my kids were looking for love, safety, ideas, and most importantly, a set of ears to listen to them.


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