how sweet it is?

I’ve been reading this great book, Home is Where the Heart Is, by Illse Crawford. It’s a beautiful book on decorating, more of a philosophy on making our space personal and comforting. Which appeals to my nesting instincts. Beautiful photography and thought provoking essays. And the cover is a nice, sensual, satiny red that reminds me of a Valentine candy box.

Anyhoooo…I was perusing the back page section titled Details and found this little nugget of information on page 152 under Food To Make You Smell Good. I don’t know what this has to do with a home philosophy, and no sources were cited, but here it is:

“For men, pineapple allegedly makes your sperm taste sweet, whereas licorice and beer give it a nasty tang.”

Oh. Now, both beer and licorice make me want to hurl, but for completely different reasons. I’ll file the pineapple thing under good to know.


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