in praise of slow

it’s been quiet here. I try to make an effort, especially around the holidays, to slow down and be quiet. I’m contrary that way. And stubborn. I refuse to get caught up in harried consumption and stress during what is supposed to be a joyful holiday that emphasizes peace and goodwill.

But I’ve been feeling quiet anyway. I felt sickened and crushed over the news James Kim’s passing. The news is one of my strongest addictions, and when I saw the headline that announced that his body was found, I just wanted to sink down and huddle into something soft and cry. I am so struck by the lengths this couple went to protect and save their children. I am sad that he died not knowing the fate of his family; that they were o.k.

This was another headline until I found Kati Kim’s name again and again in the craft blogs I frequent. She and her shops Doe and the Church Street Apothecary have been instrumental in supporting the craft movement in San Francisco, garnering friendships with crafters along the way. I admire how the craft community has taken blogging and created a community of inspiration, friendships and shared knowledge. They are by far my favorite blogs. I would love to visit San Francisco and Portland, Oregon and take in the work out there. There’s so much great work being done that is beautiful and functional, and ultimately inspirational. I love seeing the human touch behind things I admire.

I have myself been sewing, mostly. By hand. I still have an uneasy relationship with my two machines. I like hand sewing because it’s more intuitive…I like to feel the thread,  the fabric, and the  tension running between my fingers as I sew the stitches. There’s more time to think about what I’m doing, as when I’m painting.

Still no snow. Call me crazy, but I’m craving just a light dusting. In the meantime, my snowflake windows will have to do.


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